Boston Knit Out 2007 Needs Help

I have sent this message out and posted it up at knitters review. It really makes me sad.

Basically, The Boston Knit Out and Crochet Too is a wonderful celebration of yarny crafts.(see button to right for a link). It is a tradition now and I am so looking forward to it. But sdaly it seems that it is harder than ever to get people interested in Knit Outs (N.Y. & D.C. are no longer). I think these non-sales events are important and a great way to get people (both old, young, new and experienced) excited about the craft. What’s more fund than sitting around the park for a couple of hours getting your knit on.

Anyhow… if anyone can help please let me know. We need sponsor to sign on this week. Here is my offical plee:

The Boston Knit Out and Crochet Too has become a yearly institution over the last decade drawing knitters from all over New England to the Boston Common. This event has drawn over 4,000 knitters and crocheters to come out and be a part of our celebration of the crafts. The afternoon is filled with craft related vendors, charities, competitions, and other activities. It is an event that many have come to look forward to.

We need your help to continue this tradition this year. We are in need of more sponsors. We do not have enough sponsors currently to put on the event. We must decide if we have enough support or cancel the event and refund/return anything that was given to us by Monday, Aug. 6th.

If you are willing to sponsor or know someone in the industry who might be interested in sponsoring this event please let me know ASAP. We are willing to man the sponsor booths and hand out samples if companies would like to support the event but cannot attend. We are also willing to entertain other sponsorship opportunities if someone would like to play a larger role. We need your help spreading the word that this event is in need of support.

Please help us gather the support we need to put on The Boston Knit Out and Crochet 2007. It would be very sad to loose this great knitting and crocheting tradition that brought so many people joy and excitement over their craft.



Thank you for your time,

Guido Stein
Sponsor Liaison

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  1. send this to etsy… readymade/make/craft mags. Spark Crafts, hell take donations… ( ) has a way to do this that returns the money if the goal isn’t reached.
    maybe you can get a coffee vendor…

    ok.. thinking cap on.

  2. Hi Guido!
    I am a VERY small indie dyer int he Boston area, and would love to help, but don’ know how much I can do. Can you e-mail me with more info on what you are looking for from sponsors? Also, contact Cyndi of Yarn and Fiber Company — — with info on what oyu are looking for. She is a new shop located out of Windham Nh, and her on-line business is boming, and this sounds like it might be an event she would be interested in.
    Good luck, and I hope to hear from you!

  3. Hi!

    I’m new to knitting, and I’ve been looking forward to the Knit Out since I found out about it! This may be a dumb question – can’t the Knit Out happen without sponsors? Can’t a bunch of knitters hang out in the Common just for fun? I’m sure sponsors make it MORE fun, but are they really a requirement?

    I DO hope you get enough sponsors! I wish I knew someone who could help!

  4. Hey all…

    good question Dorothy. I think it is important to explain why this type of event costs money. Here are some of the things that we pay for when putting on this show:

    -Park Permits
    -Tents (which is the largest expenditure I believe)
    -Printed materials (from fliers to event brochures)
    -Sound system
    -Seats (hey it’s a lot more fun to sit and knit then to stand and knit)
    -Insurance (Not that anything is going to go wrong, but just incase someone gets a little needle poking happy)
    -Volunteer T-Shirts
    -Pizza’s for the volunteers and participants

    These are the things off the top of my head, I am sure there are a few more. I think when you go from 20-50 knitters in a group to 3,000-4,000 knitters attending an event you will always need to pay a little to make sure the event goes well.

    Finally, yes… our sponsors make the event a lot more fun, they bring samples, literature, tables and competitions, to the event. It’s not just about the large donations, but the large donations are needed to put this type of show on.

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