I am an uncle…


I would like to introduce you to a new face in town. This little guy is San Mateo. He is my sister’s boy. He like sleeping and pooping and to spend time with his family, just like his mom.

My Pumkin and I got to visit with him on Saturday, and now we are both extremely smitten. As soon as I finish my chuppa this kid is going to get spoiled with so many knitted garments he may never know what it is like to buy socks..

In other news… my rabbi (funny seeing as I am unitarian that I have a rabbi) has pointed out that I should ask for help on the chuppa. So I am going to begin to reach out this month to all the wonderful knitting people in Boston for a little assist. i think I need to throw some knitting pizza parties.

finally, tonight… I think that the Boston Knit Out may have to be canceled. I think we may try to put on some other smaller event, but the big 3,000 plus event may have to wait until next year. I think that the Knit Out committee may need to grow a little stronger before was can take on this event again… but this does not mean the end of the Boston Knit Out, I won’t have that. I will not let another city loose it’s knitting price (ala NY/DC)

More on all of this in tonights episode… Belly Aching.. I hope I record the whole thing in one shot. :)

One more photo, this is what you get when my sister and I work on projects together. notice how calm Mateo is in all this madness:

Putting on a show

16 thoughts on “I am an uncle…”

  1. congratulations!
    please let me know if i can offer any knitting assistance from nyc!
    i’ll be happy to do whatever i can.


  2. Beautiful baby! Congratulations, Uncle.

    So sorry about the knit out. Maybe we could have a Knit In at Circles….

    Let’s plan some chuppa knitting.

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