IAPM39: Fiber Revival

In todays episode I hang out with Julia and do a little catching up. After my usual rambling we talk about her upcoming event, The Fiber Revival. It’s a event that is going to happen next week!!! Go check it out.

The winner of the Charmed Knits Book is Phyllis.

Music: How The Wind Must Feel by Amy Kuney

3 thoughts on “IAPM39: Fiber Revival”

  1. Glad you’re back with a new podcast…
    But, where were you recording?!?!?
    It sounds like the crow cage at the zoo.

  2. Mariarose… did you mean the fiber revival episode or the yarn futures episode?? I did both of these interviews on site so I did not have much control over the sound conditions. Fiber Revival was outside and futures was done in a room that overlooked a little traffic.

    I am trying out some of my options for portable recording, I will pay a little more attention to ambient noise from hear on out. I always figured nobody cared about the sound as much as they care about the content…

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