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Patience, by lovely friend who is on team chuppah… joins me in a little literary episode(live from her yarn den). We review Cast On, Bet’s Off and Casts Off by the Yarn Harlot. The rest of the show goes real political. We ponder what the election holds for us Knitters and what we, as knitters, should expect from our candidates (free the hemp and don’t let foreign yarns get too expensive). Check out this entry by the Subway Knitter also thinking about the upcoming election and the link to the Slate article. Let me know what you think about the upcoming knitting election.

Does anyone know if there is a knitting reflief group for Peru… How can I help?

This week’s drawing is about knitting literature. Please comment about how you think knitting could be incorporated into a book. Can it be a part of good literature, do you have a favorite?

Loom With A View(Newbury) (saw some fair trade yarn goodness there)(need a link)
Rhinebeck (get on the bus) Yes Dear!!
Mostly Merino (simple shawl for my pumkin) Yes Dear!!

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  1. Thanks for letting us into the YARN DEN! It was a great giggle.
    I loved looking at the Campaign Crafts at the end of the Slate Article, and am inspired to knit one of those hand grenade coin purses that were so the rage a few years back.

    Let me know if you need extra hands on the chuppah.

  2. Hello Guido,

    Great show.

    In reference to the “mystery novel” I was surprised that neither you or Patience or the author for that matter realized that it would be impossible to stab someone with addi turbos. Or any circular knitting needle for that matter. Well I suppose you might be able to stab a person with size 19 bamboo needles. (A size 19 might be comparable to a wooden stake.) Addis as you know and I would assume the author, if he runs a knitting shop, have no end cap. I suppose you could stab someone with a straight needle. Holding the end cap in the palm of your hand you could shove the needle into a body. (Which might cause damage to the murders hand. That could be a way of identifying the killer.) Therefore addi’s needle head being so short and slick would make it a highly unlikely knife substitute. If addis must be the murder weapon it would be plausible to kill the victim by strangulation. l think addis might be strong enough for that.

    I participated last year in a writing event called Nanowrimo.


    Since I am going to participate again this year. I think I might give some thought to a mystery with knitting in it. Don’t worry I would not even think about abusing addi’s in this manner.

    Good luck with the Chuppah. Do you have a picture of it?

    Ravelry Id Makana

    PS. I have a signed copy of The Friday Night Knitting Club.

  3. I think that knitting can be incorporated into a good novel. For example, Louisa May Alcott mentioned knitting in some of her novels, and while the focus was not ON knitting, it was still there and her novels are classics that have survived the ages. I think that knitting was also incorporated into a novel by Dickins but don’t remember the title. As long as the focus is not entirely on knitting and the author doesn’t mention brand names all the time like an advertisement, I would love to read more up to date novels with knitting in them.

  4. I think that having a book primarily based on knitting can lead to overkill and tends to be cliched. I would rather have a character be a knitter but the whole story can’t be about knitting. I have read several novels about knitting and they were okay. One was the Knitting Circle by Ann Hood which made it sound like knitting cures all the world’s troubles. Another one I read was Knitting: A Novel by Anne Bartlett which was very enjoyable to me because the main character was a very quirky person whose story eventually is revealed by the end of the book. When I heard the mystery novel segment on your podcast I didn’t think it was a serious attempt, I thought it was meant to be a joke.

  5. Hi, Guido! I loved the show, as usual. I love Monica Ferris’s books myself. If I wanted to write a novel that incorporated knitting, I think that the trials and tribulations of a mother of many trying to keep up with the family events and still keep the family in appropriately sized knitted clothing. Animals might be involved as well as stash storage. Humor would have to be MAJOR in the style of writing. HMMMM. This sounds like my life. Maybe not-so much fiction after all…….

  6. Check out “Family Tree” by Barbara Delinsky. Not focused on knitting but knitting and knit culture is intertwined throughout the story!

  7. Kelly at knitpicks mentioned something about a relief fund through one of their suppliers on her podcast, she doesn’t give details, but you might try getting in touch with her through her blog….

  8. Just recently decided I needed to look for a good podcast for knitting. I was already listening to the Knitpicks podcast, and went searching. Surprised when I found a podcast dedicated to Male Knitters. I’m now listing to back episodes now.

    Keep up the great work.


    Male knitter in Las Vegas, NV

  9. Hey Guido – a series of “knitting fiction” books that I’ve always enjoyed is by Debbie Macomber. Light-hearted romance centered around the owners and customers of a knitting shop. Friendships are formed during classes or knitting circles, and each book in that series had the pattern that the characters were working on (socks, baby blanket, etc). That’s kind of how I view knitting in my own life. It’s not the center of my universe 100% of the time, but it has brought interesting people and memories into my life.

  10. knitpicks website and catalogs have information about relief efforts in Peru. I think that it is directed specifically to the farmers who provide them with fleece.

    I think that a political action directed to crafters would be great. I think that it would have to deal with environmental issues as well as trade issues. Those are things that are going to effect crafters.

  11. Finally listening to this. Have you considered recording a special pre-wedding version of the theme song? “… get that blessed chuppah off my back”?

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