Chuppah in a bag

Chuppah in a bag
This is what my chuppah looks like to me. I pack it every morning with the hopes of knitting on the subway. Perhaps, if I am lucky I can get it out and knit at group, knit a little during lunch, or perhaps I will get a few minutes in at lunch.

It lives in this bag and until it is done I don’t think it’s work photographing.

A little help from my friends
Now this… This is a chuppah. Lucy is prominently displaying how she has passed me in knitting chuppah. While it may seem boastful, it is really lovingly, because without her and my other friends this bad boy would never get done.

I got a new camera today and am starting to post to my flicker account if you would like to see more.

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  1. The chuppah WILL get done, and it will be so very special. For my wedding, my mother made my dress, my aunt made the cake, another aunt made all the bouquets and arrangements, and my husbands grandmother made all of the vases for the centerpieces, and I could not have felt more love and support on that day, knowing the work and care that had gone into everything. What wonderful friends you have to give you such a gift!

  2. Just to clarify — are we aiming for 24 of the 24 row repeat(which creates two leaves, offset vertically), or are we doing a total of 24 leaves, which is done over 12 rows (a half repeat)?

    Sounds like one of those “how often do I increase?” questions on the knitlist.

    As of this morning, I’ve made 7 1/4 inches vertically, and I’m doing my third iteration of row 47 on the instructions.

  3. for the record…

    The pattern we are using starts by creating the top of a leaf (outside leaves)and the bottom of a new leaf(inside leaves). I am counting leaves based on the inside leaves.

    Please see Lucy Neatby’s falling leaf pattern if you are completely confused. (not you Patience)

  4. I am so brain fried that I forgot what needle I was getting gauge with! Thanks to Lucy (we all bow mightly at her feet!) I’m off and running.
    I’ve got 1/2 a rep done so far and expect to be able to get 1 rep done every 4-5 days.
    See you in 2 weeks!

  5. O.K., so I’m a little behind the times. I just discovered the WEBS blog and saw a gorgeous picture of the finished Hupah! I would love to have the pattern! Can you help me? Thank you.

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