Countdown to wedding…

Mission Control, this is Houston. We have 34 days until the wedding and are experiencing some mission difficulties. Over…

Mission Control:
Ok, Houston, what seems to be the problem. Over…

I can’t seem to find time to complete all the things I would like to do with my “free/available time”. It seems that knittig my chuppah, podcasting, wedding planning, family wrangling, bride support, and general house work are all a little much for me to handle all at the same time.
Would it be O.K. with you if at this juncture I focused on bride support and general house work and put off podcasting on any regulated schedule until after the wedding? Over…

Mission Control:
Let me check…

Mission Control:
We’ve looked into the regulations here and have come to conclusion if you need to take some time to make sure that you and your bride do not kill each other prior to your wedding night that it might be a good time to prioritize bride support and house work.

But, you are not done with your podcast. We expect more yarn crawls and insight into your community of knitters when you get back. We also want you to keep us up to date on your chuppah and place UFO pictures as it comes to completion.

Do you understand. Over…

That’s an affirmative… I will update my priorities and get back to you with as much detail as I can when my hands are freed up from the chuppah. Over…

Mission Control:
One more thing, stop spending so much time at Ravelry and get to work. Over…

13 thoughts on “Countdown to wedding…”

  1. Yes, stick to the essentials. Make sure the bills are paid before the honeymoon, and just try to keep things together for the next month. Have fun!

  2. Yeah, get your butt off Ravelry :P The next month will FLY!! Just ignore us podcast stalkers, we’ll live for a while without you. But I do expect to see some wedding pictures, mkay?

  3. Good luck with the pre-wedding nuttiness. So calm down and prioritize. Just do what has to be done! And to hell with the rest. It will all be over soon enough. And in 25 years, you’ll have some good memories and some funny stories.

  4. De-lurking to be a spoilsport and point out that Mission Control IS Houston. But really, I do share in all the good wishes for you leading up to, including, and following your wedding day. “Family wrangling” — good luck with that, especially! That can be tough. First priority, I think, is bride support.

    Best wishes!

  5. Noo, I shall miss you way to much. But seriously, take this time to get done the most important things in your life. We shall miss you greatly!!!

  6. guido, i am one of those listeners who never comments on anyone’s podcast site, but here i am. i came to find the link to the offending pictures of men’s knits. please, take all the time you need. i love your show & will wait patiently for you to return from your wedding. ps. i LOVE the theme song you’ve got. :-) pps how awesome is it that you & your friends are knitting the chuppah?? i want to see pictures!

  7. Dude! I can’t believe you are asking if you can put the podcast on hold! Of course you can! A wedding is only one day and the podcast will still be here. :) And don’t make the Pumpkin unhappy! :) Have a great wedding and an even better honeymoon!

  8. De-lurking to agree that you *need* to take time off the podcast to finish wedding related knitting. I did something similar last year and everything must be put on hold to finish these types of goals. Oh and definitely friends must be employed to help.

    My wedding date was in October and I was hell bent on knitting something for the wedding. I worked out that I could machine knit (on the Ultimate Knitting Machine) a scarf for every person at the wedding. I did it but it took almost the whole year prior to the wedding to accomplish and I had to accept help as well.

    Good luck, have fun and enjoy your wedding day.

  9. I’m caught up will all of your podcasts, so I can wonder through others. Looking forward when you do come back. Then I can rant at you for getting me interested in spinning! Next week I get a private lesson on the drop spindle.

    Just another addiction!

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