Relief.. not for me, but for people who really need it.

As I mentioned in the last podcast, I was looking for a relief fund that helped people in Peru who were effected by the Earth Quake. (seeing as we are all in love with Peruvian fiber and such) it turns out that Knit Picks has a banner on their website that leads you to Oxfam. I would like to thank the people over at knit picks as well as my readers for leading me there.

I am going to go donate some money and send some positive vibes to the people of Peru.

And then I am going to go back to knitting on my Chuppah and wrapping myself in my own little world. Check out the Chuppah meter. It’s almost done… now we move into the kitchner stitch phase.

6 thoughts on “Relief”

  1. My sister goes to Peru (a town outside of Lima) several times each year for dental mission trips. We are putting together a project to knit sweaters for her to take to pass out to children on her trips. How ironic for us to knit sweaters for needy children in Peru – where much of our yarn comes from.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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