IAPM41: Back From Vacation

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Hey all…

I have a new show… Alasdair joins me on the show to talk a little about Double Knitting and I flub my way through a wrap up of the last couple months.

End of the world is by The Crabs
Lost my way is by Matthew Ebel


Alasdair is working on a Dragon Shawl which his girlfriend has dubbed Trogdor

Ewan (who I met at PodCampBoston2)recommends Hector & Russell for purchasing a Sporran.

Tom Bihn is the place to get the Swift knitting bag, the StuffIt: Yarn Stuff Sack, ClearlyOrganized: Clear Organizer Pouch (so much better than zip lock). I am running a drawing until Dec 7th for a StuffIt bag,post or send me your thoughts about lightness or heaviness of knitting and how that plays out in your life (listen to the show for more details).

Alasdair tells me a bit about Double knitting, his Ravelry DK group, suasage hats and more.

I forget the word trivet and my love for the Interweave Style Series.

24 thoughts on “IAPM41: Back From Vacation”

  1. Glad you’re back, and glad to hear you had such a good time at the wedding and on the honeymoon. Looking forward to seeing pictures!

    I’m definitely guilty of buying more yarn for no reason, but in the past year I’ve been trying to only buy yarn for specific projects — and only then after making sure there’s nothing in the stash that will work. I’m really making an effort to knit through yarn I already have.

  2. Hi there, Good to have you back!

    I only buy yarn for specific projects – but the queue is getting so long I’m beginning to feel pressure, which takes from the pleasure. Same thing with books, in fact it put me off reading for ages knowing I had a drawer full of unread must-reads. But here in the UK the yarn is not as tempting in the LYS, and we have limited space in our smaller living places, so that takes away the likelihood of massive stashes growing. I know, however, if I spent as long knitting as I do on the internet reading about knitting, my project queue would be practically non-existent. My husband claims this is true of many hobbies, we spend our time thinking about doing them and researching more than actually doing. You can see why I married such an understanding guy, no?

  3. If I had more money, my stash would probably overflow the house. I think my lack of funds keeps my stash in check. However, the acrylic stash is overwhelming everything else in there and I don’t like that. I really need to get rid of some of that.

    Thanks for another great podcast! Glad you’re back.

  4. I have a stash of things I know I will use eventually–I particularly like that I have enough variety of quality basic yarns that I can make most projects I am interested in (although I often have to alter the gauge!)… This actually keeps me out of the yarn shops and means that when I do go I am usually trying to replenish a particular category.

    But the sock yarn… the sock yarn collection is completely unreasonable.

  5. Welcome back! I fear I am also not a sane person and have way too much yarn and continue to buy more. I wish this were not so but alas it is!

  6. WooHoo! Welcome back to podcasting, Guido! And you came back on my BIRTHDAY!

    About Double-knitting: M’Lou’s work is amazing! Her book should be incredible….Each year she brings a new garment that knocks our socks off! BTW, you should go to camp sometime soon. You would be in heaven, to be sure and it is wonderfully beautiful here in Wisconsin!

    The yarn company that you were trying to remember….SouthWestTradingCo.

    I really think that I should slow down on the yarn purchases whenever possible. I am slowly organizing and packing up my yarn, kits and books for a move to a different house where I will have my own studio for my fiber and paper arts. I feel heavy with fiber and some pressure to produce. And yet I was at a Habu Textile workshop over the weekend learning about reading Japanese knitting patterns and came home with 2 garment kits and extra new types of yarn including silk stainless steel yarn and washable paper yarn. I am not sure that I am sane but I am happy!

    Anxiously waiting to hear more from you on your podcasts……

  7. Welcome back! I’m glad all went well, and you had a wonderful vacation! Your topic is timely, as I’ve just moved back into my house after 15 months away during construction. I am certainly rethinking the amount of stuff I have. I think I will always be a heavy person. I can’t bear to part with much.

  8. I’m glad your back!

    I had a realization about my yarn stash about a year ago. It occurred to me that my stash was going to overcome my home. That ‘had to buy it’ feeling whenever I saw yarn had become too much. I finally realized that buying yarn for the sake of buying yarn was ridiculous. From that point on, I tried my best to stick with knitting from my stash and buying yarn ONLY for specific projects. In the past year, I’ve been able to whittle my stash down to one single 18-gal rubbermaid container (it had been three 18-gal containers and a wicker basket large enough to put my 8 yr old inside of with the lid closed…lol)

  9. Welcome back! I have been working through my stash for a couple of months. I am almost done! I was obsessed with yarn when I started knitting, but now I am obsessed with knitting and carefully decide what yarn I love enough to spend my time with. (I made a lot of stupid impulse buys when I didn’t know much about yarn) It’s not always easy to keep it under control, but I don’t like to feel guilty. I have a monthly amount that I budget, so I can spend that guilt free. I can’t wait to have all my yarn on the needles ( I always have at least 3 works in progress) and buy yarn as I need it!

  10. re: lightness and heaviness. it’s a very strange thing for me, because as i age, i want fewer and fewer objects weighing me down. and simultaneously, i find myself purchasing yarn, needles, toys (i mean tools) related to knitting and spinning. i am an artist… and when the need to create comes over me, i don’t want to have to make any trips, or do much planning.. i just want to create. so.. that’s my rationale, overall.

  11. I think if i had the funds, my yarn would be bursting out of my house. Besides- I could be light…yarn is very portable!! I love the idea of double knitting but always end up with tons of knots in the WRONG places!!!! I wish i had the patience to properly take it up. Glad to hear the wedding was great and look forward to seeing pics of the event! Best wishes!

  12. Happy your back..definitely missed your pod cast.. about your thoughts on too much yarn .. are we bound by what we do.. of course we are.. but if your not to expressing your creativity though knitting.. you will probably be bound by something else .There is a purpose for all things even if it’s friendship. I also think what I would do if I didn’t knit..probably something else that would be considered mundane by others.. maybe just a yarn budget is in order.. you should only give up knitting (and buying yarn ) if that is what you really want to do.. (^_^)

  13. Welcome back and many good wishes. My experience re: lightness/heaviness is similar to leann’s. The older I get, the less I want. Since my knitting time is, well, not as much as I’d like, I don’t go through yarn very quickly. I usually have two projects going and yarn on hand for one or two projects. Perhaps if money and space were unlimited, it would be different. But I don’t think so. My relationship with stuff and the desire for stuff continue to change as I get older. Maybe part of it is that time has become the more precious commodity, so I don’t spend as much time shopping.

  14. Welcome Back. I missed te podcast!!
    I haven’t read the book you talked about (The Unbearable Lightness of Being) But I have to say, I find freedom in lightness when it comes to my knitting. I am the kind of person who has only 1-2 projects on the needles at any time. And It is the most incredible feeling to have finished my project and I know that I can start fresh. Currently, I have only 1 project on the needles, and I only have the collar to finish. Whoa-Hoo. I am in the process of deciding what I will start next.

    As for Yarn, I started getting quite a bit of it collected. I think the heaviness was feeling uncomfortable for me. I’ve started really shopping in my stash so that I can use it up. But that requires some discipline, because I have to do projects that can use the yarn I currently have. Of course I keep a running list of projects. I keep updating it….some fall off and some are added. So I ususally can find something on my list that I want to knit and I have yarn for.
    I think maintaining lightness is discipline. Resisting the urge to cast-on the newly published pattern or buy the new colorway of your favorite yarn. I find satisfaction in just putting these on my list of projects or yarns to buy.

  15. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see some wedding pictures. I have too much stash and some of it I know I will never use. And I have projects in mind that I will have to buy more yarn for. Not the best way to spend my money, but … It took me about two weeks to listen to all past episodes and I am finally caught up with you. Like Franklin says, you’re a hoot!

  16. Welcome back!

    As for yarn purchases…I have imposed a “no new sock yarn” rule because although I started out knitting socks, I am now fascinated with sweaters and wraps. I am trying to stick to only buying yarn for sweaters I am actually going to knit in the near future. We’ll see how long that lasts :)

  17. Welcome back and congrats on a glorious wedding.

    Regarding the lightness or weightiness knitting plays in my life, it’s something that I’ve been struggling with lately. Granted, knitting brings myriad pleasure to my life that extends beyond the fiber itself. However, thanks to Ravelry, I now know exactly how many pairs of socks to-be-knit my stash hides. When I think about the amount of time it will take to knit those socks, or just one of the pair–we’re talking years (assuming a more-than full-time job. and some semblance of a social life). And that’s just the sock yarn!

    Hence, I haven’t bought any yarn for myself since August, and don’t plan on any in the near future. When I want to buy something, or when I’m visiting a store, I ask myself what I really want out of the transaction. Is it that very yarn? Is it the sense of hope and possibility that a new skein represents? Is it an escape from the stress of my day-to-day? Usually, it has very little to do with the yarn.

    Heading into Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that I have the luxury of a stash and I want to play and knit from the potential joy that lives there rather than weighing myself down with more things. I’ll focus on what I have (in yarn, books, patterns, friends, family and community).

    The day will come when I have a need for new yarn, but until then, I’ll knit in the present.

  18. I got married about 5 months ago. That was a HUGE realization as to just how much yarn I have when I had to move it all. There are two BIG rubbermaid bins full (overflowing thinking of getting a third bin). One bin is future projects and the other is just random yarn wanting to become something. I try to limit my purchasing, but if it is something unique or hard to find I will let myself purchase it.

    As for how big a role knitting plays in my life. I enjoy knitting, i just don’t have as much time to do it as I would like. My current projects are faster/can get done without too much hard thinking. I was listening to another podcast about process and project knitting. I can say I am both, but for right now it is project, I want to see an end result. I don’t want to have to block a peice of lace after weeks and weeks of knitting to get the end result I will make a big needle moebius for a holiday gift and it makes me smile.

    You need to enjoy it, and if you choose to reduce your stash/knitting involvement we will miss you without the podcast, but sometimes our lives take a turn. Congrats to you and PUmpkin on the big day!!

  19. Greetings Guido. This is my first very-much-enjoyed listen to your podcast although I do remember seeing your pix from the Reprazent event in NYC and interview with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. So, several things to share:

    1. That heating pad thing you were trying to think of is a “trivet”. And it’s derivation is actually Old English for a word meaning three footed.

    2. On Lightness of Being, I totally hear what you’re saying about possessions, but my bigger stressor is how I structure my time, more than material acquisitions. Yes, I have a crazy stash *and* I could open a small library with all my knitting titles, but my bigger issue is with taking/making time to knit. There are so many distractions and demands on my time that I sometimes resent social interaction because I can’t really knit without being called out for not paying attention or for “attention seeking behavior”.

    3. You need to get Knitting Around. It’s a fantastic book and there’s a lovely new DVD to accompany it.

    4. Regarding the Double Knitting segment, there’s a small tutorial in EZ’s Knitting Glossary on DVD where Meg Swansen demonstrates the technique. It makes my head hurt but I think it’s lovely. And, there’s a lovely demo on KnittingHelp.com with a small project to practice. Might be a good tool for Alasdair.

    5. Congratulation on your recent marriage!! Here’s wishing you and Pumpkin many, many years of happiness and fibery goodness.

    Take Care and Keep on Podcasting,
    Michael aka WonderMike (Ravelry)

  20. I enjoy your show and congratulations on your new marriage. I was, however, surprised with the inuendo by Alasdair and hope you will use more discretion in the future. What he had to say about double knitting was good, but I look forward to a totally clean podcast unless rated differently. Just a thought.

  21. The word ‘sporran’ comes from the Gaelic word ‘sparán’, which means purse or wallet. You pronounced it fine! Enjoyed this podcast very much.

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