Fair warning

When I started podcasting I was inspired by the many radio shows I listen to on NPR. In many ways I still want to be the Ira Glass of the knitting podcast revolution. I have always tried to find something that connects us all as knitters to each other. Behind the yarn, needles, projects, and general madness there is something stronger that bonds all of us. And it is in this bonding agent that I draw the inspiration to continue to put together these shows.

So, I have been struggling on trying to put together a show based on a long interview that I had done with a friend. At first I tried to split up the story and add some music and add my narrative to the mix. I really wanted to give it the This Life treatment (they are so clever at bringing out emotion with music). But after hours and days of editing and piecing I have come to the conclusion that this does not do it justice.

Production values aside, the story that my friend tells is a personal story and one that engaged every bit of me without my tinkering. So I have given up my NPR dreams and am going to put this story up in as simple a way that I can. I am not going to edit it down much and I am not going to narrate.

So tonight I am going to post up the first half of this story and it is going to be an hour or so long and it is going to be a chance for you to hear from my friend about the knitting/shop owning life that she has lead. I ask you to oblige me the inconvenience of the large file and suddle edits and hope that you enjoy these two episodes as much as I enjoyed them.

In order to not break the mood (and save some time) in these episodes I will not be doing any yarn-a-lot or any of the other normal things I do. I will however announce a winner to the drawing on my blog and comment a bit on what people have posted.

With that… I give you fair warning, the next two shows will be long and worthwhile. I hope that you can find a nice quite space where you can listen to them in there entirety.