When Muggles compete…

I saw this event posted at boston.com. Basically it’s a ugly holiday sweater contest. Everyone is supposed to wear the most hideous holiday sweater they can lay their hands on and then compete for the title of most reviled sweater.

This could be a lot of fun for many creative knitters. I would love to compete for making the most ghastly holiday sweater of all time. I think you could ad all sorts of stuff to your sweater, I personally think doing a lot of bobble snowmen could create something really hysterical.

Based on the venue, I don’t think this is a knitting event though… Perhaps next year I will try and throw just such an event for the crafty at heart.

2 thoughts on “When Muggles compete…”

  1. I had to go find a “holiday” sweater for my job, and I had to choose the least hideous. But if I were making something on purpose… well that’s just different! I would totally wear a sweater made horrible on purpose! Ugly is the new Cute!

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