Fat Nano…

So… my pumkn got me a Fat Nano for Christmas ( Yes, I said christmas… and I had a chuppah… what of it). I love it so much. I can now listen and view some of my favorite podcasts … only thing. Two things… questions really…

1) Can you really only dock with one computer? Is there away to have a work/home thing ?

2) Is it possible to arrange your podcasts from oldest to newest. I am listening to shows and have to go in rewind when I am done so I can listen to the next show. Kinda sucks….

Thank you all… I can’t believe it has taken this long for me to get a proper Ipod. I have been using so many other mp3 players. The only reason I really wanted this one was because it was the cheapest video toy ever…

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  1. You can dock with up to 5 computers. I’ve found Apples website pretty helpful, and it’s a damned good thing, I run back there everytime I need something. Apple savvy I’m not.

    It’s a bummer you missed Franklin this past weekend. It was a good time. I’m sure he’ll set up there again. There was a pretty good turn out.

  2. Dude! welcome to ipod land. the device i love and hate all at the same time… you can make your items play in whatever order you want, and have it move directly from one to the next, by putting them into a newly created Playlist and then setting the items in date order by sorting by the date column. So many great podcasts, so little time…. Knit On!

  3. To get the podcasts to play by release date, click at the top of the date column (a little arrow should be visible). Click it again to arrange by date.

  4. Awesome!! I love my iPod!!!!!! Totally!! It has made any bit of a drive quite pleasant, I have listened to dozens of This American Life…. and I can totally zone out now while knitting or spinning…

    Oh… maybe to zone out completely will not be good, being newly married and all ;-)

    Hope you had an amazing Holiday!

  5. welcome to the land of Ipod… I am thankful for my ipod, because without I would have probably never found podcast.. therefore I would not have ever met you. Happy Holidays

  6. When you plug in your iPod, iTunes should come up. Your iPod will show up under devices. Click your iPod for a menu. There are some checkboxes on the summary screen under Options. Check Open iTunes when this iPod is Connected and Manually Manage Music. I also uncheck Synch only checked Songs. Check all the other tabs and make sure the Sync box is unchecked.

    I didn’t realize that iTunes had a limit how many computers you could sync with, but by manually managing my music on all of our comuters I use three, and my family all use mine as well as their own.

    To put stuff on the iPod, you slide it from iTunes to where your iPod is shown under devices.

    There is a Mac forum on Ravelry that I’ve found helpful for quick questions. It’s called Knit Different.

  7. Because I didn’t see anyone else who said this…

    you can only dock to one type of computer (i.e. mac or PC). Your ipod automatically assigns itself to one of those systems and will reset if you use a different type (at least this is how it used to be – a coworker had issues with it).

    Welcome to the ipod world, once you cross over you can never go back ;-)

  8. Love your podcast – a friend of mine met you at a podcasting conference a while back and pointed me in your direction, since I’m a knitter and live in your area (well, I live in Cambridge). I also do the whole Jewish/Christmas thing. Long story. This is my son’s first Christmas, so we justify it (and my Catholic family) by telling everyone that the elves are Jewish. (besides, who else would work on Christmas?)

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