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OK… I love “Pushing Daisies”. It’s a great show about a recluse who can resurrect people. The universe in which this story takes place is a fantastic retro-world ala Edward Scissors hands. Everything is modern, but strangely 50’s cartoonish as well.

So, why do I bring this up? Well… There is a lead character on the show who knits. The Detective is a crochety mistrusting blow hard who is also an avid knitter. He knits to reduce stress and also to hide his stash (of money). He even knit his gun holster.

I love how they use knitting in this show. it’s not a weird thing that is done by some freak or stereotypical grandma. It’s just a part of the show as something that someone does. Sometimes it’s part of the plot, hey a knitting needle comes in handy. Sometimes it’s just part of character development, he was reading a knitting magazine. It’s awesome that this guy is just a guy who (shockingly) knits.

So… that really makes me happy and I highly recommend this show.

In other ABC news, there is a new show coming out called “The Cashmere Mafia”. But so far as I can tell there is no knitting. Just another catty women in business show, a female version of Big Shots. Lot’s of personal issue things where men cheat and women have girlfriends. Don’t know if it will be good, but I was drawn to it by the fiber content in the title.

Oh well… So I have to wonder if how fiber content will end up in the new T.V. series and movies.

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  1. I totally thought when I saw the title “ABC’s Stash” that you were going to be talking about how the networks are currently doing their own version of knitting from stash due to the writer’s strike. ;)

    Did anybody ever solve your Nano podcast order problem? I’m having the same frustration. I was able to reorder the shows in itunes (to list the earlier epidsodes first) but on my pod they still show up in reverse order.

  2. I’ve never seen the show, but I’ve seen other shows where characters “knit” and by knit I mean hold two needles and stir around some yarn like it was a bowl of spaghetti., Corner Gas (a Canadian comedy about a small farming town, centered around its gas bar/greasy spoon) has a character like that, she often has a knit garment on her needles, but what ever set dresser whose job it was to preknit it must cringe every time the actress throws the needles around.

  3. I saw the show and thought it was totally cool that they knitter in the show wasn’t a granny and that it was guy no less! I’ve noticed that his knitting has popped up on more than on show!

  4. I love PD as well. There’s obviously a writer on the show who knits. Typically with Hollywood you get the “stick twirling spaghetti” knitters, but they throw in words like “stockinette” and “ribbing”, so you know someone out there knows what they’re talking about. Plus, he looked like he’s a “thrower.” I’ve loved that actor since Boston Public, and as Emerson Cod he’s just fantastic! :)

  5. I think Pushing Daisies has everything going for it, but that said, I just can’t get into it. Dunno why? As for Cashmere Mafia, it was a total POS!

  6. My DVR is full of Pushing Daisies episodes, just haven’t had time to watch them. Now, with your recommendation, I will make the time.

  7. My DVR is full of Pushing Daisies episodes, just haven’t had time to watch them. Now, with your recommendation, I will make the time.

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