IAPM 44: Loom with a View

The Weaving Room at A Loom with a View
On today’s show:

I yarn-a-lot about my current projects and 2008. I play a recording by Queer Joe and share info about the Men’s Knitting Retreat. Then I sit down and talk with Betsy of A Loom With A View in Newburyport, MA. Finally I rant a little about my Fat Nano and stuff.

Here is the Powerful weaved bag that Betsy talks about on the show, love the colorway. Here is a link to the Hemlock Ring Blanket project and the KAL at WEBS. Here is a link to the Mostly Merino site where I made the Very Simple Shawl project. This was a great first shawl project, so fast, so easy, so pretty…

I have a new. simpler email address for you to send me your thought, podcast@itsapurlman.com. I have also updated my flikr account.

13 thoughts on “IAPM 44: Loom with a View”

  1. Yeah! Guido’s back on the web! Most people don’t like to listen to themselves. However, your listerner’s like you! You have something that the other knitting podcasts don’t that’s why I listen.
    I am entertained and educated with every one of your casts.
    As for weaving, I have avoided getting too close to a loom because my family needs room to live in my house!

  2. You don’t need to be critical of your podcast! It’s a great listen. I’ll be fascinated to hear about the men’s knitting retreat. Hope you have a brilliant time there.

  3. Guido, sorry to hear that you’re having a mid-podcast crisis. :-)
    I like listening to your podcast because of *your* unique voice, you have a creative and curious nature and an enthusiasm that is well conveyed in audio.
    There are a lot of knitting podcasts out there but I listen to only about half a dozen that I feel are really genuine and enjoyable, you make that cut for me. So please just continue to be the same Guido that we all have come to know and love – be true to who you are.

  4. Guido, I have caught up on all your podcasts since receiving an i-pod for Christmas. I have learned so much from you! I enjoy your interviews and all the individuals and friends that you have on your show. I have also enjoyed the ‘field trips’. I can’t go there…I am glad I can listen to you there. Please don’t be critical. You are doing a wonderful job. You’re like a podcast DJ!

  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself–your loyal listeners will still be there!!! You rock.

    And I totally know what you meant in an earlier podcast about wanting to be Ira Glass. I don’t even podcast and I think it would be rad to be Ira Glass.

  6. Guido,
    welcome to world of weaving! I hope to hear about your loom adventures in the coming podcasts.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  7. Hi Guido, Just listened to the show. I look forward to the next one!

    If you want to listen to your podcasts in order of production, navigate to them by Artist name, not Podcast.

    So, in the Menu system, click on Artist, then click on Guido (2Skiens) Stein, then click on the oldest one will play, and all the podcasts will play through without stopping, oldest to newest.

    But I agree, this is a preference Apple left out.

  8. Hi Guido, about coninuous listening to podcasts check out this blog entry: http://www.danandchoka.net/?p=50. I made a smart playlist today with Genre = Podcast, Count = 0 and Medium not Video and it works just fine for me.

    Thanks for your podcast – I really enjoy it!

    Greetings from Germany,

  9. Just re-listened to your last episode, uh, this one. Anyway, I really enjoyed the interview with Betsy again. Now listen here, young man! You may NOT replace your knitting with weaving. Ever. But it will make a nice new adventure and quick scarf when you are in a bind! Have a good week!

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