Missed Connection

Me, knitting mittens magic loop style with Cashmere Island on Red Line from downtown to Harvard.

You, some guy knitting on grey straights (I assume size 8) with some lovely orangey stuff (I assume malibrigo). You were practicing seed stitch.

I gave you my podcast card and told you about the knitting group for guys.

So… did I have bad breath or am I weird to think that perhaps you would actually want to talk. Was I too forward by sitting down next to you. I did give you the straight man’s seat buffer.

I guess I am not used to knitters who don’t like to talk. Not that I excpect a whole lot, but most people will be cordial enough to inquire about my project after I ask about theres. And you are the first guy I ever met who seemed even more weirded out when there was another guy knitting  in the area. I thought it was kinda funny that two guys were knitting on the subway at around 8:00pm.

Oh well… good luck with your knitting.

12 thoughts on “Missed Connection”

  1. You know, I’ve had that happen a few of the times that I stick my neck out and talk to a knitting stranger. To be fair, I guess some people just don’t want to talk about it or whatever, and that’s cool, but it’s just such a different reaction than what we usually get that it’s unsettling. Oh well, people are weird. Still, I think it’s cool that you let him know about the group, even he decided you all had cooties. :)

  2. yeah, i know what you mean…
    i think some people just don’t know what to do when a friendly person comes up to them and is nice to them and just makes nice conversation!
    this same thing has happened to me with similar results BUT also with opposite results. so i hope he ends up showing up at your knitting group!!!
    elaine. :o)

  3. He was obviously not in touch with his inner knitter.

    Maybe he cannot purl and talk at the same time ????

    The end result is the same – his loss!

  4. Maybe it has nothing to do with you. Maybe he just doesn’t like talking to people.

    I’ve run into this. I’ve met gay men who don’t want to talk to a “family” member about their knitting. They did seem to be concentrating on their knitting, though, so maybe they just didn’t want to be interrupted. Maybe they were counting, or in the middle of a really difficult lace pattern and were afraid they might forget the pattern repeat.

    I was at a workshop with a str8 guy and 23 women and he treated me **so** rudely, I finally stopped showing interest in the sweater he was making. He told me at least 4 times that he was married, and that he was making the sweater for his daughter. You know, because he’s **married**. The last time, he said it r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y and loud, like how people will sometimes say things to others that they believe are daft or hard of hearing. Funny, though. Whenever women asked him about his project he had lots of time to show it to them, talk about how he had designed it, laugh with them. I got grunts. Who knows what his problem was.

    I mean, maybe your subway rider is a str8 guy who figured you’re queer and were trying to pick him up.

  5. I’ve always chatted w/ folks when they’ve inquired about what I’m knitting. Why are some people so damn rude? It beats me.

  6. Hi, there!

    I just received a new iPod for my birthday, and searched out knitting podcasts. I just finished listening to your latest issue, and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it! I especially loved the “interview” section. It was nice to learn about weaving, which I have never tried.

    Thanks for the podcast!

  7. Oh Jeez. I love Missed Connections! But don’t be upset. Some people just don’t want to be part of the Cool Kid’s Club. It’s not you.

  8. I’ve often said that seed stitch puts me to sleep. Did you check to see if he was awake (and breathing)? I can’t think of any other explanation for one knitter not talking to another except that he was comatose!

  9. Oh, crap. Yesterday a lady on the train turned around and said “you’re knitting! I’m a knitter too!” and I totally did NOT engage in conversation because I was really pooped and didn’t feel like chatting. Now she probably thinks I’m so rude. Then again, she is a complete stranger….

    Hee hee, I’m teasing you just a little bit. But the story is true! BART train in the East Bay, for real.

  10. I love the set up of your podcast, I think that you are way too self-conscious about your ablities. Thanks also for the tips on the i-pods!

  11. Hmmmmm. That’s a toughie. I’m gay and I knit. I really love it when I meet straight guys who knit, much the same as when I meet straight guys who cook, who stay at home with the kids, who hug/kiss me hello/goodbye, etc. I guess what I’m saying is that I like meeting straight men who are comfortable enough in their own skin to not worry about what the world thinks of them. Do they worry about being labeled gay? Perhaps. But, it’s nice that you took the time to go over and say hello, even if it might be construed as forward. If he’s worried that you were gay and trying to pick him, that’s his loss, not yours.

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