I don’t get it

A friend of mine who was traveling the country recently, go Daria in ’08, let me know that there was a lot of fury around an article in the January 2nd Philadelphia Weekly about kniters. (I do not want to link there, read on).

The article reads very strangely, it starts off expressing that it’s annoying when people are so nit picky and defensive about location and then it goes on to say that there is a new wave of defensive nit picky freaks, the knitters. (OK) Then the article complains about the lame assumption that knitting is punk and uses to books to prove their argument (sorta) and then just thrashes knitting and all people who enjoy knitting and crocheting (I guess crafters) in general.

OK, I don’t want to link to the site because I do not want to be responcible for giving this crap any more due than it deserves. Readers are exactly what they want, so if you go to the website and read this article you are in giving this persons article more popularity and I don’t really want to suggest that you go read this, it’s not a very good article in general, let alone what you think about knitting/crocheting/punk/hipness/motherhood… etc.

Here is my thought though, why get defensive at all. The author of this piece seems to be angry about something, but I don’t know what? Is it really that offensive that knitters feel cool or punk? Is it really that hard to believe that cool people and punks knit?  Has this person been tied to a tree by knitters and been giving a bad sweater to wear? I don’t get it?

What is it about knitting/crocheting that threatens other people?

Anyhow, just thought I would let you all know about this if it is of interest to you. Sadly, people did write in and were very defensive about this article… But I think I am totally missing the point of the article… I read it as … knitters are very defensive, and I will go ahead and make fun of them, and what give them the right to think that they are punk in the first place.

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  1. I’m doing as you suggest and not going to look at the article, but I think that the attitude taken by the writer is endemic of how narcissistic our culture has become.
    It sounds like the writer is saying, “I don’t do it – I don’t understand why anyone else would do it – It’s not reflective of ME so THOSE people are defensive”. This is classic projection behavior I’m uncomfortable so I’ll sooth myself by projecting my problem onto you.
    I can think of a lot of other examples, but I don’t want to seem defensive. . . :-)

  2. Hi Guido,

    I had seen this article just after it was published, and at first was quite floored by it. At first I couldn’t believe that anyone could be so vehemently against crafters. After rereading the article though, it is clear that he doesn’t view knitting as a worthwhile activity because he thinks it is demeaning. While this is a misguided opinion, it’s certainly not the first time I have heard it (although it certainly is the harshest expression of it I’ve seen). I also took a look at some of the other articles this guy has written and realized that this is the way he writes this particular weekly article. Obviously he just has a lot of bile he needs to spew at anyone he can think of, and us fiber freaks just so happened to be his target that week.

    Bottom line – Knitting rocks, so who cares what the muggles think? =)

  3. I think the author must just be jeolous of us and our skills!!! Perhaps we should pin him down and make him wear a cheap 70’s acrylic sweater!! LOL

  4. I haven’t read who you are talking about and probably won’t, don’t have time, too busy knitting ;) for our tree sweater project.

    I have had the oddest questions from people or heard comments regarding our tree sweater. I have been absolutely amazed at some of the things happening in the knitting/crochet world and I truly admire the abilities and vision of these crafters. I don’t get this attitude about crafts or knitting at all.

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