Found on Ravelry

Found this on Ravelry today, it’s someones avatar/RAVatar. I wonder what kind of response I would get if I changed men for women?

Dude… why can’t we all just knit together…

8 thoughts on “Found on Ravelry”

  1. Yeah, um, my boyfriend certainly has an opinion about fabrics, and I guess all the male designers aren’t really men? So fucking stupid.

  2. Ooo, I can’t believe I have to delurk now! Humor like that– oh, wait, sorry, I mean “humor” like that really chaps my ass (uh, sorry for delurking and cursing all over your fine blog, sir…). You know if you substituted “woman” in there that the women who originally thought it was funny would be up in arms. Sometimes I just want to shake my sisters… sexism goes both ways! And yes, it is genetically possible! The same way that I can have an opinion about baseball! Or, ooo! OOO! *pop* Oh, dangit. My head exploded.

  3. Guido, this just proves that small minds exist everywhere.

    And, Dude – anytime you want to come to Michigan – I can so hook you up with all the best yarn shops, fiber purveyors, and fellow fiber-a-holics.

    Seriously, I believe that the love of fine fiber is not determined by sex… then explain to me why men like silk suits, camel hair jackets, cashmere scarves….

    It is universal… totally.

  4. And whomever “thinks” that, also are not up on their history either, since men were the weavers of fabric “back in the day”…….

  5. Some of the Hopi weavers would beg to differ with this comment, eh :).

    Also, knitting was practiced by men far and wide in Scotland and many northern countries where knitting was essential for clothing.

  6. Uh- can you say Kaffe Fassett. It’s like people saying remarks about women in a parts store.
    I grew up on a dairy farm, I know what bull work is.

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