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I know that I don’t get out and do as much knitting and chatting as I would like. But I thought I knew what was going on with the local yarn stores. But then Franklin, in a post on Ravelry, opened up my eyes to a development that is now a year old.

Sean, my first interviewee for the show, is now the owner of Woolcott & Co.. That’s a pretty big thing, seeing as Woolcott is an institution in Harvard Square and all.

Congrats to Sean on this, now year old, achievement. I would have congratulated you in person when I saw you a month or so ago, but apparently I am out of touch. (don’t tell my listeners)

I wonder if he is going to add “a male knitter owned” business to his marketing material?

I also hope that, as the new owner, Sean will invite Franklin to come do a photo shoot at his store in the fall, perhaps around the Head of the Charles. We could start a knitting crew team and try to compete… wool floats.

3 thoughts on “Last one to know”

  1. Hi, Guido, I have been catching up on about two months worth of podcasts, so I feel as if I have some insight into what I like in a podcast. You were mentioning that you wonder how you stack up against the other ‘casters.

    Yours is one of my favorite podcasts. From the first episode I listened to, I’ve enjoyed the interviews. You choose interesting people, and you ask them good questions. I thought Jackie from Wild and Woolly was very interesting. The Harlot’s Represent event was fun to hear first hand. But I also liked it when you went to Bazaar Bizarre and just interviewed random vendors.

    I like the fact that you have developed a certain personality for your show and you stick with it. You share enough about your personal life that we know who you are, but not so much that we feel uncomfortable. We know that you’re not going to shout or swear or do anything else shocking, so we can put your ‘cast on in the kitchen without having to worry about who else is listening.

    I don’t care one way or another if there is music in a podcast. If I don’t like it or it is too loud I skip it on the various podcasts.

    I think on the whole, if you are interested in something, your listeners will be interested in it. I would say, do what you do. It’s good.

  2. Love your Podcast. I just started listening. Saw you on Ravelry. I’m hoping to get Franklin to the Boston area also. His book comes out in October ’08, BTW.

    Have you interviewed Victoria at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn in Salem yet? It’s a great stylish yarn store. Only 18 months old. I love it there! Her son knits and works there also. Nice people! I might be partial because I’ll be teaching crocheting there part time. (I also knit) But check out the great upcoming events:
    You & your wife might want to come up and visit Salem some time … stop by the Seed Stitch!

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