iapm46-Two Year Pod-O-Versary

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My special guest Sarah (Haptotope) joins me for a little two year gittyness. I have been working really hard to get this out, I have also been working really hard to get some much needed excercise in so I don’t get mcuh time at night to work on this and need to get some sleep.

I will update the show notes tomorrow night.

also… there is a drawing for lot’s of good stuff please listen to the show for information about the drawing.

also… there are lots of fun people at the end of the show who I would like to thank… Kat at Let’s knit 2gether has some video of the show being put together.

Intro Music
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17 thoughts on “iapm46-Two Year Pod-O-Versary”

  1. Hey Guido~
    I just heard your Pod-O-Versary! IT WAS REALLY REALLY GREAT! Also hearing my voice end of cast…me sounds funny..HAHAHA

    Anyway…Keep on good work and been really injoyed for longist time keep doing video in future!


  2. My favorite “tip” today was Sarah’s ‘cure’ for knitting too tight. Haven’t actually tried that… but it’s a thought :)

    Sock knitting since Jan 2006.
    Still a “death grip” needle holder, though!

  3. My favorite part of the show, as always, was the guest interview. Sarah was awesome. I like that you give so many people space to talk about their adventures in fiber.

    Also the intro song always sticks in my brain for the rest of the day. That’s not a bad thing necessarily.

  4. Happy anniversary!
    I enjoyed listening to your Podcast today while sitting in interminable traffic!

    My favorite things on your Podcasts were your discussion of your chuppah, and the interview you did a couple of weeks ago with the Yarn Shop owner (older woman)–that was fantastic.

  5. I love your podcast – always. But my favorite two shows were the two about The Circle and it’s history. I’m not sure how you can put those in a retrospective, but they were fabulous and really drew me in.

    Congrats on two years and I’m looking forward to two more . . . . and then two more . . . .and then, well, you know.

  6. I enjoy the interviews – my favorite two shows were also the two about the circle and it’s history. I’d love to here a followup of what’s going on with the circle. Congratulations on your podcast anniversary

  7. I’ve always enjoyed the interviews you do with LYS owners. It’s really interesting to hear how they got into the business and to get a different view on the yarny world.

  8. Hi and Happy Ann!
    I love the interviews that you have on your podcast. And, as a New Englander currently displaced in the Midwest (flat-lands-o-Indiana), I love hearing about home!

  9. Hi Guido,
    My favorite part of the shows are the interviews and the way you interact with your interviewee. You always manage to ask the questions I want to hear. I really loved The Circle episodes and would love a follow-up!

    Thanks for your hard work, I appreciate the company on my daily commutes.


  10. Hi Guido,
    I’m finally caught up! In the past month (or two?) I’ve been listening to all your podcasts. Whenever you had a contest, I’d be thinking “Dang it!” But now, I can enter!
    My favorite, hands down, was the interviews with Allison. That was great.

  11. Happy 2 Year Anniversary, Guido! I always enjoy your podcast & hearing about what is on your needles. I find inspiration & encouragement in such knitting tales. My favorite part of your show is the opening song (I often sing along) & my favorite episode was the one where you talked to the Yarn Harlot. Best wishes for many more podcasts!

  12. I have 2 favorites – Dyeing on the Farm and The Circle.

    I have listened to each of them more than once! Great interviewing work!

    Happy Pod-o-versary! It has been 2 extremely enjoyable years. I like your style, your music, and your guests.

    My vote would be to keep the opening jingle – my kids crack up at me singing it! It is just a classic!

  13. Congratulations Guido, and thank you for all of your hard work over these 2 years. I can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

  14. Hi Guido,
    I’m a little late to the party but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your podcast. All your interviews are terrific. You know when to talk and more importantly, when to listen. Like many of your listeners, I was especially touched by your episodes featuring Allison and Circles.
    And keep the jingle!! I sing along every episode. It never fails to make me laugh when I think of you and your brother recording it.
    Happy Pod-o-versary!!

  15. Hi Guido,
    I’ve just finished listening to all of your episodes through the two-year anniversary and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your show. I’ve loved hearing the show develop from it’s early stages to the new “live podcasting.” I wanted to wish you a very happy, if somewhat belated, pod-o-versary! My favorite part of the show are the interviews with the local yarn store owners. I love hearing what motivates them and how each of them has a different vision for their store. Thanks for all the hard work!

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