On today’s show I sit down with Annissa at Stitch House Dorchester. Her store is the newest kid on the block in Boston. It’s a great space and a lot closer than I thought.

The song I played is Don’t Loose Touch by Against Me.

Finally, I am working with others on starting a Friday night knitting guild in Boston and we need space… if you work at a local college or large corporation near a T stop and can provide some space, please email me at podcast at itsapurlman dot com.

5 thoughts on “iapm49:Dorchester”

  1. Yeahh…. a comment. I have been so looking forward to a comment.

    I haven’t been playing as much punk or punk like music in a while and I really miss it. Ok, I really miss Ska music more than punk, but this will do. I think the music helps me not loose touch with the college kid in me… who knows…

  2. Hey, I’m just finally getting a chance to listen to this episode. Love this store. Just wanted to let you know that Dorchester is actually a neighborhood of Boston, not its own town. It used to be a town, but hasn’t been for a while. It’s confusing though because most neighborhood names are used in place of the city name in Boston. Thought you’d like to know so that you don’t accidently misinform your listeners.

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