The Live show take 3

OK… so I like the live show format. Really, I just like having you all around while I put the show together. It makes it a hell of a lot more fun. Also, I like chatting with people in the music breaks.

With all that said I want to remind everyone that I will be having another live show for:

11:00AM EST

This show will be co-hosted by my super cool guest about a topic I think many of you know is comming (listen to my last show for more info). There will be a live drawing for people who are a part of the audience as well as a 50th episode drawing for people who have either google mapped their LYS (see last two shows) or sent in suggestions for a clips show (which is on hold because it’s even herder to piece together than I thought.

In the future I think I will start to do live shows every tenth episode. If we are lucky I will be able to do a live show with an actual live audience some day, which will mean total mayhem.

Looking forward to another 50 epsodes with all of you, if I get to 100 we will have to have a part in Boston which includes a massive fiber crawl. I can’t wait… can you…

6 thoughts on “The Live show take 3”

  1. I went to Google Maps and found our LYS, Little Red Hen Yarns in Yakima, Washington. I moved the map marker and left a review. Thanks for sharing how to do that on your show, and for your enthusiastic support of LYS in general. The Hen is on the map!

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