taking the week off

I’m proud of the recent consistancy to the show. But I need a week off.

Soon I will be winding down a bit for the summer, perhaps an every other week schedule will come into play again. we’ll see.

In the mean time… I am starting a summer hope chest knit along… so if any of you artsy people in the crowd feel like making some badges please post them on your blog and let me know about them in the comment notes.

2 thoughts on “taking the week off”

  1. Hi! I saw your pic on the Yrn Harlot’s blog and I was wondering, do you have any pictures of the Chuppa? It took me a minute to realize what the heck she was talking about because I’ve never seen the word in print (i’m not Jewish, but i have a ton of friends who are) and once i figured it out, i was sad that she missed getting a pic of it. so anyway, if you have a pic, i’d love to see it. Thanks!

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