May is Madness

So for those of you following along here has been my schedule this month:

May 4th – NENA (New England Needle Arts Show)
May 11th –  NH Sheep and Wool
May16th-18th – Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat (thanks Joe, Ted, Dave, Stephen, Patrick, Sean, Josh, Chris…… for a great weekend)
May 25th – Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft (Looking forward to the lead line and the sheep to shawl)

So… what have you all been up to? Have any of you started a yarn shop or moved to a farm… or are we all dreaming about it. oh well…

3 thoughts on “May is Madness”

  1. Hey there. Ted tagged me with a meme. Now I’m tagging you. Visit my blog as do as you wish. I hope all is well in your world!

  2. Hey Guido! Dang…I missed you at MA Wool & Sheep Fest! Scott and I were there on Saturday…had a blast! I bought some really nice merino/bamboo top (SOOO SMOOTH!) and Scott bought a Lendrum wheel – we got him hooked on spinning over the retreat! :) Hope all is well in your corner of the world….

  3. I love your podcast-thanks for all of the work you put into it. Congratulations on the biahtdry.If you like This American Life, you might also like Radiolab podcast from WNYC (also a public radio station). It’s available on ITunes.Now if I could only get the picture of the queen wearing a cable knit hat out of my head .

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