Boston Handmade and some other notes

First, an announcement:

Boston Handmade Marketplace

Union Square ~ Somerville, MA

Saturday, June 28 ~ 3pm to 7pm

This event should be a lot of fun. it’s happening in m neighborhood, but sadly I think I have to go to a company picnic. But you should check it out if you are in Boston. Jessica, the ring leader, is a powerful fore of creativity and has a wonderful website the shows off many projects that are done by her group.

So other notes…

I was on the phone with a friend yesterday talking about the show and knitting, and I realized that I hadn’t done much of either in a while. It made me kinda sad.

It’s not that I have dropped of the face of the earth. I still get out to a lo of events locally, I just haven’t felt the creative juices power through the WIPS both knitting and blogging/podcasting. I have a lot of yarn and recording and would like to put to good use, but I find it hard to focus these days.

So… what I want to let you know is that I will be back as soon as I have the energy, and when I get back here is what to expect:

  • WWKIP 2008
  • NENA
  • MSKR 2008

See you around the neighborhood…

One thought on “Boston Handmade and some other notes”

  1. Hi Guido —

    I started listening to your blog a few weeks ago. I found it after you posted on the Boston SNB electronic list and then hopped over to your website. Then started listening. Then had a long, involved project at work involving Excel and way too much data that had to be manually moved around. You saved me from pulling out my hair.

    That’s a long way of saying thank you for your podcasts: the song, the interviews, the book reviews. I’ve even subjected my friends to my version of your theme song.

    When your creative juices and focus returns, I will be one of your happy listeners.


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