Here is what WWKIP 2008 looked like in Boston:

Behold, David Sedaris’s willy warmer

This is swatchy

Watch out for these guys when knitting in public

Check out the birds dirty work

Finally, I saw this later that day at Foxwoods and had to share:

Here are some links from the show:

Boston Hand Made

Sarah Mac Band

Wendy’s Modest Dress

6 thoughts on “iapm52:WWKIP2008”

  1. I wanted to join you all, but somehow I got it into my head that WWKIP day was Sunday and I went and scheduled brunch on Saturday, during the announced time of the gathering. I could have come after brunch, but I wasn’t sure if anyone would still be around.

  2. bird poo can also be ridiculously difficult to get out of a garment, too.

    (when i see birds or window-washers overhead on my walk to work (chicago), i always put a hand over my coffee cup.)

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