Strong Bad Email Scarf

Shape shifting into a scarf

Strong Bad Email has been a staple of internet entertainment for a while. The shows are pretty geeky and funny and totally pointless. Somehow they keep developing these weirdo little characters into a world full of marshmallows.

Anyhow, I was watching one of the recent shows (here) and Strong Bad was talking about the rules of shape shifting. One of the rules he through out was about turning into grandmother’s knitted gifts, which I thought was funny. but then when at the end he changed into a scarf.. that’s when I decided I had to blog about it.

Ok.. so this means… it’s a slow week/month and this contitutes more knitting awesomeness.

Also… in case I forgot to post this a long time ago when i found it… knitting is a part of the first penny arcade comic strip as well.

3 thoughts on “Strong Bad Email Scarf”

  1. My husband sat down at the computer while I was reading this, and is now demanding a strongbad e-mail banner scarf. Maybe I could have one completed for our 25th anniversary in 15 years.

  2. Hey, Guido! I’m in for the KAL scarf! Your essay is done and will be recorded Monday or Tuesday. The pictures are taken, too. I hope I did this well enough for you.

    Are you on Ravelry? I joined awhile ago but have been sick so am spending lots of timesucking non-knitting time learning the ropes and meeting people. Let me know if you want me to Friend you and then we can talk about more reviews of some new books that I just got over there.

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