Some help please

Hey all…

I need help collecting images. So in my usual fashion I have a final week crunch on a project and I need help from you gals/guys. I am presenting on Saturday about knitting lessons learned and how they relate to podcasting and the creative process. Here are some of my points currently:

  • Fiber is everywhere and in so many different types
  • Everyone can knit
  • Projects are unique in fiber, color, and pattern
  • You don’t have to knit a sweater or Sock knitters are everywhere
  • Dropped Stitches happen
  • Who are your projects for
  • UFO’s run free in every knitters house
  • Knitting circles are important to your sanity

If you have any photos you feel would relate to these topics please send me a link or the photo either commenting to this post or sending me an email at podcast-at-itsapurlman-com.

Thank you in advance, I will be sure to share with you all how the presentation goes.

8 thoughts on “Some help please”

  1. Would be happy to forward some photos. Perhaps my gymnast would be willing to have some of her work photographed as a positive example of dropped stitches. The holes drive her crazy, but I think they add character.

  2. Oooh I should be able to get a good UFO photo or two for you heheh I am the queen of UFO’s flying around… currently one is frequently used as a pillow by my hubby!

  3. Guido,

    Feel free to use anything from our show that you want in your presentation. We shoot in HD so I have everything here at high-rez. I’ll forward a few stills that seem appropriate to your categories but if you want anything else from the show just e-mail me and I’ll send you those too.

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