I am not Canadian

And people say I appologize like I was Canadian…

Thought you all might like to check out the High Maintenance Machine site. The author of this strip not only lives in my city, but he also seems to live in my head. I find it strange that so many of the scenes he plays out on the strip have happened between me and my pumkin wife. My pumkin wife almost snarfed her drink once when she was reading the strip and found an really typical scene play out where I try to sing one of her favorite song by Bon Jovi only to destroy it… (also, she was at the Bon Jovi concert in Boston last night and assures me that he still has a cute butt)

I love this kind of comic book. I hope to some day make my drawing good enough to share stories through a small strip. Perhaps I can beg this guy to teach me the art of drawing and all… (read… add one more project for me).

I am going to sign off now for the weekend, I am going to Boston Podcamp and I will let you know how my presentation goes next week with perhaps a new show and all.

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