So many yarns spinning…

Sky Roof

I am working on getting the new fiber guild off the ground. I have been talking to people about speaking at our meetings. I have been working on graphics. I have been getting venues, tickets, and lawyers. I have been trying to figure out how to convince everyone to come out and play.

And now I am so close… I have two speakers booked, I have a space for the first year, I have a group of people to support the guild, I have the support of the Knit Out folks, and I even have a special event.

So… that’s where I have been… Next week I launch the Guild website and I can finally spill the beans on who is coming and what the whole group is about and what the name is…

In the mean time, I will put out that NENA show this weekend. I will probably not talk about the guild too much because I have to wait one more week… pooh…

also… if you recieved something from me recently in the mail, can you please let me know that you have gotten it. Thanks a lot

Next week… less fractured english and more sleep.

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