The votes are in

In case you didn’t know:

I am starting a fiber guild in Boston. It’s going to be a Friday night group where we can all go for drinks afterward. We have set up two meetings and on one special event planned for 2008. We are in the process of taking of the Boston Knit Out organization. We plan to have meetings, continue the Boston Knit Out as a part of the World Wide Knit in Public, and we have a dream of a fiber un-conference (more to come on this later).

Last night I was voted in as Boston Knit Out president. This means that my group is going to be a bona fide charity. Which means we need to keep track of everything that happens with the bank account and stuff.

So… This has been my summer project and every time I think I will have free time to get going on the podcast, somehow a guild task keeps rearing it’s head… But soon, the Guild will launch and I will have time again. Friday we will launch the website and send out some press release information to the media.

After the luanch, on Sunday… I will sit down and put together the next episode. This is going to be the return… I swear… and because this show happens after the launch I can tell you all about the guild and explain the strange images I have been posting (the one above is of President Taft and company).

Talk to you soon… really… really…

4 thoughts on “The votes are in”

  1. Do think about parking when you schedule meetings, drinks, etc. It’s a real challenge, I know. Good luck.

  2. I was looking for info on whether there would be a Boston Knit out this year. i haven’t seen any info advertising it. I have been away from knitting and was looking for something to get be back in the stix! Any suggestions on Knit happenings please let me know.

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