Road trip to Philly (Extended Fiber crawl?)

OK, so I am hitting the road and driving down to Philly for Podcamp Philly the weekend after next. I will be heading down on Friday morning and was wondering what kinda fiber crawl I could do on my way down to Philly. I know I want to visit Rosie’s and Loop in Philly, but are there other stores on the way down that are near the highway that I should check out? (I miss knitty d and the city, they would know)

Please let me know if there are tips/tricks to getting to these stores and if you would be interested in meeting up at the stores… Thanks for your help…

ADDED: Just found this knit map web page, seems like good info for philly??

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  1. Woolbearers has a great selection of their own hand dyes, spinning fibres and a slew of commercial yarns. 5-7 minutes off of exit 5 of the NJ Turnpike in Mt. Holly, NJ. Have a great trip!

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