So… show notes will come up later.. but for the moment I am having technical difficulties and am going to spend my time trying to get the links working again so that this end up in the feed… so this post is going to be updated tonight with all sort of good stuff about the show including my two interviews and music and a little bit more about the passing of Lynn.

Added LATER.. much LATER:
On the show I interview Janice Kissinger, Director of Slater Mill in Rhode Island and Cindy, Owner of The Yarn and Fiber Company in NH. I would like to thank Jane from Porter Square Books for helping the guild (I messed up the website on the show)host The Yarn Harlot. I would also like to thank Franklin ans Stephanie for for speakinin Boston.

If you would like to learn more about my friend Lynn Votour and Gary Votour please visit her caring bridge site. Gary would appriciate any donations made in Lynn’s name to the Caring Bridge. The service they provide s crucial for the families of people in the hospital.

The music on the show comes from the Podshow Network and I played the Mega Bottle Ride by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros on todays show. (this song really chokes me up and make me happy and sad at the same time… weird)

Finally… thank you all for your suggestions for working through my feelings about friends lost. Sorry the show notes took so long. (also, the title is a little nod toward the Seasonal Affective Disorder, because I get down in the fall..)

4 thoughts on “IAPM54:S.A.D.”

  1. Hey Guido, very sorry to hear about Lynn’s passing. Have you considered organizing a knitting donation (chemo caps, toys, or something similar) that your loyal listeners could donate to? It could be for the hospital where Lynn was treated, as a memorial.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. The above suggestion is a nice idea, or a donation to a charity that might have been meaningful to her. Sending a handwritten note to her husband is something I’m sure you’ve already done.

    I’ve really been enjoying the blog and catching up on it. Is it ok to join the guild if I now live in the burbs? I lived in Porter Sq. for 20 years, but live in Central MA now (husband works right near the strata center if that counts!)

  3. When my friend, Ruth, died in July, those closest to her arranged several things.

    Heifer International offers a Fiber Animal donation. They started a donation in her name for fiber animals.

    They created a scholarship for SOAR in her name.

    We had a spin-in at a park local to where she worked.

    The sock she had been working on went in her casket.

    Her husband set up her Spin Tech at the funeral and all the spinners that attended took a turn on it.

    The spin-in was the most important for me, as I was unable to attend the funeral. We went around the circle remembering Ruth. If any of your new spinning group knew Lynn, I recommend this kind of get-together/memorial.

    Oh, and finish the monkey and give it to somebody else who needs it in Lynn’s honor.

    I am sorry for your and your friend’s loss.

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