It’s crochet, It’s still crochet…

So I have been recieving links about this video from family. It a segment in the LA Times about a bus being covered by fiber in Mexico by Knitta Please. Now, I know she does knitted pieces and I know she is all about breaking perceptions of knitting… something about knitting and grafffitti being a little less granmotherly… and I think the bus is awesome…


She’s crocheting… she’s crocheting the bus (think soilent green). In the video she has a crochet hook in her hand. Is it too much for her to say I am crocheting most of this bus? Or is there perhaps another word for general fiber activity goodness?

I feel like not explaining this to people will confuse the muggles… and it confuses me a bit to. I like to know technique and fiber content of FOs.


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  1. You are right, it’s crochet! It annoys me when people use the word ‘knitting’ to refer to all fiber work, I do both so I can easily tell them apart, Knitta Please should know better than to confuse the muggles.

  2. I think you’re right–there should be a verb for “general fiber activity.” That way, no matter what I’m doing at my local weekly “knitting” group, I’d feel included. Maybe we need to construct a new word?

  3. Welcome to the crochet side! We’re glad to have you.

    BTW, the word “textile” covers every general fiber activity I can think of — spinning, weaving, quilting, garment making, embroidery …

    Happy hooking!

  4. The pieces wrapped around the street signs were knitted.
    The legwarmer on the statue in Paris was knitted.
    Everything except the bus was knitted.
    Her group is named Knitta Please.
    So she said “knitting.” WE all know it’s crochet.
    Whatever, it’s cool! Thanks for sharing.

  5. That makes me crazy, too! My first fiber art that I actually pursued for any length of time was crochet and I did so without any notion that what I was doing was the redheaded stepchild of fiber arts. I was appalled to find that out, especially since my knitting companions all seemed to admire my facility with crochet and asked me for help with their edgings and such. It doesn’t help crocheting become less discriminated-against when a Knitta claims her hooking is knitting! I’ve actually had people argue with me that what I was doing was knitting while crocheting. That’s damn frustrating.
    (I do knit now – I was taught as a kid but didn’t cotton to it (no pun intended) and picked it back up about four or five years ago.)

  6. Great project…. but you are right, calling it knitting is misleading! I’ve been crocheting for 10 years and knitting for 1 year. I now love knitting too and think we should all learn to do both… but give credit where credit is due! So often crocheting is brushed off as a lower class craft. I get that her name is Knitta Please, but that bus was definitely mostly crocheted.
    I prefer to use the term “yarn crafting.” Then you have all of your bases covered. Knitting, Crocheting, Needle Felting, Felting, dipping yarn in glue or whatever else you want to do with wooly goodness. : )

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