IAPM58: Stoked about 2009

Back on the mic, I am so excited about all the projects I am working on this year. I hope to hear from listeners about what they are up to and let me know if you would like to do a FiberCamp in your neck of the woods…

Many thanks to those of you who comment and keep me in line with the show.

On todays show:

Other things I was rambling on about today:

3 thoughts on “IAPM58: Stoked about 2009”

  1. Hi Guido…
    Just to let you know that a group of women named “We da Posse” are REALLY conducting our own sort of “Fiber Camp”. We are going to a place in the Poconos, PA, from Friday to Sunday, and even got ourselves a teacher to teach us a couple of classes. I say it’s fiber camp because it’s kind of rustic and we can do “campy” type things there, as well.

    Fun, Fun, FUN!

  2. Guido-
    Your plans for your guild are fantastic. I wish I were from the Boston area. As to your request for suggestion of topics…plan things that you as a knitter would enjoy. Then after you build your following, brainstorm at a meeting to what others have to sugest. I like to check out what festivals are offering in workshops or what magazines are featuring as the new hot topic. The key is to offer topics that will interest all skill levels. Great job on the podcasting Guido. I really enjoy hearing from my knitting buddy in Boston. And remember…If you build it they will come…

    Spinning Sensei

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