IAPM59:Annie get your Needles

Award Winning Book
Award Winning Book

Annie Modesitt talks to me about her books, her life and then I make her cry. Akward…

Warning this show is very real and in your face which is the only way I think Annie knows how to be. So if you don’t want to connect with someone real, please move on. Go buy her  book now and say hi to her on her blog.

To be added to the drawing for her book/yarn please comment to this post sharing your passion. So, let’s say at least two sentences… the drawing will be open until the end of the month.

29 thoughts on “IAPM59:Annie get your Needles”

  1. Hi Guido,

    Thanks so much for posting this. I had the pleasure of meeting Annie (and you!) at the Slater Mill knitting weekend last fall. So what am I passionate about? I actually have a bunch of passions…the Red Sox, knitting and today, it would have to be hand-dyeing yarn. Slater Mill just conducted a fantastic yarn dyeing workshop yesterday and it was so much fun. I am hooked!

  2. Hey, Guido!

    I really enjoyed your podcast with Annie. I only wish it could have been a later date that you interviewed her because I would love to listen to her talk about the designer issues that are going on right now.

    I am passionate about learning! I am a true Renaissance woman and I love to read to learn, experience things to learn, try new things, and pass that love of learning on to my children.

    Best to you and keep up the good work.
    From the sunny south,
    wombatknitter on Ravelry

  3. Thanks so much Guido and Annie for posting this podcast. I think Annie is such a great designer and I admire her courage and honesty about their journey through a great trial. Annie’s passion and commitment is so powerful and a great encouragement to persevere through adversity.

    My passion is for enlightening folks to the benefit of diversity. The knitting community is the greatest example of how a widely varied group of folks can work together for a better life for all. When more people look beyond their own selfish wants and needs and give of their time, talent and resources the entire community can be better.

    Best wishes to you all!

  4. I enjoyed your interview with Annie Modesitt. It’s awesome that she and her family have been able to help others who have similar health issues.

    Right now my passion is knitting. It used to be in-line skating until my own health issues put an end to that. I love beautiful yarns and I especially love Lorna’s Laces. I think it’s great that they made a colorway in honor of Annie’s husband.

    Best wishes to the Modesitt family and happy knitting everyone!

  5. I really enjoyed your interview with Annie Modesitt. I have been dealing with disability for a couple of years now, and I have found solice in my yarn. What a beautiful story of courage to share with all of us. Thank you!

  6. Hi. I enjoyed your interview very much with Annie Modesitt. I was listening to it while out walking my 4 month old puppy and enjoying a beautiful sunny day here in Colorado.

    What am I passionate about, knitting, my family and my friends. And, when summer rolls around, my roses in the garden.

    Your guild sounds greatr, wish I traveled more to your area so I could attend a meeting.

  7. Guido,
    It was such a fun podcast to listen to. I haven’t read Annie’s blog in a while and need to get back to it. She is such a fun and intelligent person.

    I am passionate about DIY, I love to figure out how to make things or learn new techniques weather it invoves fiber, sewing or cooking. I am also passionate about my family and amking our home a haven from the hub-bub of the world for them and their friends.

  8. Wow, that interview was amazing! Thank you so much for bringing Annie into my life. I’m looking forward to reading her blog and buying her book. Man, is she funny!

    I’m passionate about my daughters. I have two of them, Tatem is 4 and Delaney is 1. The road’s been rough this past year. Delaney was born Dec 28, 2007 with a rare neuroligical condition called Myotonia Congenita. Basically, is causes her muscles to cramp. It started with the muscles in her throat and they would cramp and cause her to stop breathing. Now all of her skeletal muscles can cramp at anytime, causing her to fall over, get stuck holding something, have her eyes frozen shut…
    Well, in the past year, she’s been in CHOC hospital 6 times, she’s had a slew of tests(one that discovered a heart defect also), she’s been on all kinds of monitors both at home and in the hospital, and she takes medicine daily just so that she can somewhat do normal things like crawl. Thankfully, MC is not fatal, and thankfully, we have good insurance. But we’re a one income family that is barely getting by. We’ve applied for all kinds of assistance, but have been turned down. It’s frustrating sometimes, but I know that the Lord will provide. He has provided so much for us in this last year. He’s given us two beautiful daughters. Yes, it’s not been as easy as I would have liked, but the trip’s at least been interesting.

    Even though it’s my child that’s sick and not my husband, I can commiserate with Anne. I know what it’s like to be unsure and scared. I also know what it’s like to try to turn to humor to help get through it all. My prayers are with Anne and Gerry.

  9. Hi Guido! I have been listening to your podcast ever since I discovered it on Cat’s http://letsknit2gether.com. I love how you bring in all of these wonderful people of the knitting community!

    I am very passionate about knitting, weaving, and lifelong learning. I really enjoy learning about all kinds of things and then sharing my knowledge to my students and my friends and family.

    Thank you for introducing us to Annie. It’s people like you and Annie that make the knitting community really come together!

  10. Glad that you have returned to podcasting in 2009. I am passionate about knitting and spinning and trying to learn as many techniques and knit many different garments. I want to learn all I can about fiber and dyeing.

  11. Hi Guido
    what an interesting show! I really appreciate your work, thank you for letting us meet real people.
    I am a big admirer of Annies work and her approach to creativiaty. For me, it was especially funny to hear her first and the comments about Heidi hell. And yes, the music IS played to make sure people do not lunger around too long – and it works. At least for me. ;-)
    So, what am I passionate about?
    Environmental issues. I work with an NGO, in the field of education. The fact, that we all DO have to care if there should be a future for all of us is very dear to me. So I help to spread the word and encourage and enable people to ACT. If I can combine this with my passion for fibre, even the better! Eco-yarns are an exciting option right now.

    Greetings from Heidi&Peter Hell aka Switzerland

  12. I love the show — I listen during the evening when I take the dog for a walk. It’s just enough time to get out and get some exercise! I do knit, too, but that doesn’t work with a dog on a leash.

    I’m passionate about my family and friends. My children especially make me passionate about education — I’m currently preparing for sending the oldest to kindergarten. I’m on the board of our co-op preschool and I set aside time to work for our school. (Also, I can knit during the many meetings!)

  13. Listening to Annie was great. The thing I’m most passionate about is my children. I adopted my girls from China and while being a single parent of two can be a challenge at times, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Knitting is a great coping device for me. And listening to podcasts at work has greatly improved my filing indexes! Thanks Guido.

  14. Thanks for the interview. I follow Annie’s blog and appreciate her honesty. I am passionate about creativity. It’s so important for me to approach the things in my daily life in a creative manner. While I’m not a fabulous knitter it does bring me great joy even if it’s something simple like a dish cloth.

  15. Thanks for a great interview with Annie. I read her blog but it was soooooooo much fun to actually hear her speak. I guess my passion really is knitting. I didn’t learn it until rather late in my life. Actually after a couple of little strokes. I’d always wanted to knit and realized I’d better get my butt moving. I’m sure not the best of fastest but it seems like all the troubles of the day dissolve as I sink into yarn heaven.

  16. Guido, that was a lovely interview. I’m hoping to get into one of Annie’s classes when she comes to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival in May.

    Knitting has been my passion for the past few years. I find it engaging, therapeutic and and filled with new lessons and humbling experiences. The fiber community is as diverse as it is interesting and I’ve been really pleased with the people that I’ve met there.

    Have a good week.

  17. I loved this episode. It was such a balance of yes it is a bad thing but let’s look at what is good and enjoy that. Very inspirational but down to earth.

    I am passionate about working with moms and babies (dads too!). I love empowering them to find that they are great parents and that they and their children will learn and grow together. I always feel honored to be a brief part of their lives but hopefully make an impact that allows them to feel positive and and joyful about becoming a family.

  18. Thank you Annie for being real about your struggles.
    As a young (two-time cancer survivor) I am passionate about regular screenings for young women. I am always encouraging my friends and co-workers to get their yearly check-ups and mammograms, even when they don’t feel like it. Early detection saved my life twice and that is something to be passionate about.

  19. Hi Guido…
    Really enjoyed listening to your interview with Annie. What struck me the most, even before the content of the interview, is the fact that she sounds so much like a close friend of mine. Her voice, inflection, sound… everything. I admire people who can write honestly about themselves, and nothing is more funny than the truth. She inspires me to revive my own blog which lies dormant, buried at the bottom of the internet highway.

    My passion is information and passing it along wherever needed. My words fly out of my mouth, or out of my typing fingers at supersonic speeds, and 70+ wpm. I also tend to write honestly about myself and have often wondered what people thought of me after writing a blog post. I have a Self Rule, and that is never erase/delete my thoughts from paper or the blog tablet. It’s not good unless it gets out there!

    Ah, now that I wrote that, I can’t delete it. I am reading some of the other posts and they all seem so much more noble…. oh well, this is me.

  20. Loved the interview!

    Passion…I think I’m passionate about what I’m doing right now. So it changes. I just love learning about new things, so that’s one passion. And now my other passion is knitting, and spinning, and cooking, and birds. Oh, it’s so hard to nail it down to two! Back to knitting!

  21. Hi Guido, fun episode with one of my favorite people. I’m passionate about dyeing, knitting and spinning. Creating something from plain white wool straight off of the sheep and turning it into a lovely shawl or sweater…. that gives me the most incredible feeling of accomplishment.

  22. Hi, Guido!

    I love your podcasts and this one was special.

    I tend to be passionate about what I’m doing right now. I’m trying to diversify my knitting, trying lace and trying different sock patterns so I can find some that fit.

    Thanks for podcasting.

  23. I really should stop procrastinating when it comes to podcasts. It’s probably too late for the book/yarn drawing…I really don’t know…but I’ll make a post anyway. I am passionate about homemade stuff whether it’s knitted, crocheted, sewn, whatever. I just wish more people would make gifts rather than spending tons of money buying things. I make all my christmas gifts and impress upon my children the value of hand made. I just feel that it means so much more when you spend quality time working on a quality project for someone you love.

  24. Oh, I just *loved* this podcast. Annie’s real-ness is overwhelmingly refreshing.
    My passion? I thought it was color and fiber, but the more I get out there, in my community – I realize that the color and the fiber is just a way to *connect* my local farmers with fiber artists. That’s my passion – connecting small famrs, local agriculture with people who will be passionately appreciative of it.

  25. Thanks for the reminder on twitter :-) Passion, wow that is a tough thing to define for me. I think maybe my passion is “doing” or confined creation. I really like knitting, but only with a pattern. I love sewing, but only quilts with blocks designed by someone else. I love taking something and making it into something else, but I do not like “coming up with ideas”. Not sure if that makes sense. I like being in charge of getting stuff done, I just don’t want to define how to get it done.

  26. Great podcast! I’m passionate about feeling like I’m making a difference. Fiberwise I like making gifts that people will actually use, to stay warm, to feel comforted, etc. I like color and texture. I like knowing where the fiber came from, because for me, when I know the history, I feel more connected.

  27. I just discovered that you’re back! So glad to have you back in my rotation:) I’m passionate about slow food and unusual color combinations in my budding design sense

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