IAPM61:Walking and Talking

On todays episode I do a little catching up…

I announce the winners of the Annie Get Your Needles giveaway.

I review It Itches and Knitting for Good.

I open a drawing to Get the word out about @GuidoS Dreamy Maryland Sheep and Wool After Party. If you post to a blog or twitter an announcement about the party with a link to the event page today or tommorrow and then let me know about it in the comments I will enter you int a drawing for a grab bag of 3 fun prizes. I need to get a head count together for Monday so I am doing what I can to get people resgistered for the party.

Also.. I share my views on second wave feminism and the sisterhood and how this makes me feel really disinfranchised and how I feel knititing is a family of everyone… oh yeah… I read some email too…

All this and the sounds of a beautiful spring Saturday morning in Boston on todays show

8 thoughts on “IAPM61:Walking and Talking”

  1. Okay, Guido, I’m going to assume you didn’t get mugged or kidnapped but the podcast ended in the middle of a sentence so it really does leave one wondering. hmm…

    I’m heading over to my blog now to put up a post with a link for you. Have a great time at MS&W!

  2. Hey, Guido! I don’t live in the USA, at the moment, so I won’t be able to attend your party. Although, it is very tempting! I did, however, mention it in my blog today. I hope that you get a great turnout!

  3. I noticed the same thing that Patti mentioned. In mid-sentence, poof, you were gone!

    Anyway, I was listening to this episode while sitting on a park bench across from my office in downtown and could listen “live” to your background sounds: busses, sirens, general city busy-ness. This was a unique coincidence for me as I usually listen to you in the evening while relaxing with my knitting.

    Oh, how I wish I could attend your party, but I can’t get to Maryland this weekend. And, sorry, I don’t have a blog to post a link. I do hope you have sell-out crowd, though. Sounds like a lot of fun!!

    I am, however, hoping to make it to Stitches East or maybe Rhinebeck (or both, if I’m lucky!!).

  4. You know… I totally forgot that the podcast ended in the middle of a drawn out ramble… thanks you all for pointing this out to me.

    Turns out I ran out of space on my recorder. It was done listening to me talk and seeing as I needed to get this out quickly I thought it would be a good idea to just push it out.

  5. I’ve spent most of my adult life in a male-dominated profession, so I understood your discomfort in feeling left out of the feminist-oriented knitting book that you reviewed. I would be just as happy in a coed knitting group as an all-female group, and so would the other female knitters I know.

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