IAPM64: Spinning through May

On the show I do some catching up with yall… and I have a great interview with Jacey Boggs of Insubordiknit. She talks about living through this economy as a spinner and her fun spinning DVD called Sit And Spin.

My friends and I will be sharing our experience at TNNA here:

I will be doing a live video update at 12:30pm on Friday/Saturday/Sunday of this weekend for TNNA.  You can find the stream here:

4 thoughts on “IAPM64: Spinning through May”

  1. So do you know where you’ll be in the convention center? Or are you going over to Jenni’s for ice cream and broadcasting? The natives are curious

  2. I am playing the whole weekend by ear… I would love to broadcast from an ice cream shop.. :)

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