Rhinebeck 2009

Words fail me

Perhaps this is how haikus got started, someone went to Rhinebeck and felt very overwhelmed… so they had to limit the amount of words that came out of their mouth in describing the experience.

The fall brought Rhinebeck
Tactile Travel tour drove me there

Please enjoy my impromptu slide show as I try to put together the words for the weekend:


Knitting guy peeps

Video podcast peeps

New Podcast Peeps

Old friend and new friend

Vanderbilt Mansion with Tactile Travel

New friend who pinned me

Ravelry meetup (yeah, like they need a link)

Fancie Purls in Norwood MA

Mini Mills lust

11 thoughts on “Rhinebeck 2009”

  1. Hi! Love the sheep! He can visit me in UK any time as he seems keen to travel!
    Best wishes, love the podcast

  2. Hello, Guido! Just found your wonderful, entertaining podcast–LOVE listening… and have tons of archives to listen to while I knit. I’ve always wanted to go to this particular sheep show, but never had the opportunity–thanks for taking us there. And thank you for this fun and informative podcast–it is a joy! :o)

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