IAPM72: Rhinebeck and more

Joanne Seiff
Joanne Seiff

Joanne Seiff, author of Knit Green and Fiber Gathering, joins me on the show to talk about Rhinebeck, fiber events, and the complicated landscape of bring green. She is very knowledgeable about both fiber and the environment and breaks it all down for us in her writing.

Many, many thanks to my friend Alanna at Tactile Travel for taking me on her tour to Rhinebeck. Her tour was wonderful and filled with fiber, history, and wonderful people.

Also… I am working on so many projects I hope you can be patient with me as I work towards getting the show out and putting on some major events with my guild. If you are in Boston please come out and join the fun.

5 thoughts on “IAPM72: Rhinebeck and more”

  1. Now that you’ve been to Rhinebeck you can add it to your Rav facebook. I enjoyed listening to your podcast on my morning walk. I love your honesty and I probably would have also come back with a load of books. Glad you had a fantastic time! Look forward to hearing more of your fiber adventures in the future. Take care Tracy in Linden, CA

  2. I love listening to your podcast. I hope you can stop into our local yarn shop if you are ever near the Albany Airport, Trumpet Hill is about 2 miles from the airport o RT 155. Also, I am trying to find the wine you like so much, Summer’s Ecstasy? Is there a link to it??
    Keep up the good work, I followed you from the beginning!!

  3. Hey! I just found your podcast via an older episode of CogKnitive. I’m listening from the beginning and wanted to say thanks for playing Overreacting by Brad Sucks. I was kind of depressed this morning and when I listend to it I laughed out loud. Totally unexpected. Thanks a lot!

  4. I recently found your podcast and have started from the beginning. How refreshing to hear about knitting from a man’s perspective.

  5. Well, I’ve been listening most of the day to your old podcasts. I’m up to the 13th episode. You have confirmed for me that It’s a Purl, Man is a take off on Itzhak Perlman. That is a great tribute to a great man.

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