The Mission Statement

Sometimes it’s important to make a statement, sometimes it’s important to go on a mission, and sometimes doing both makes for very interesting business speak.

So in an effort to find my spark I give you, a mission statement Memo:


To whom it may concern:

It’s a Purl, Man is a show about a guy from Boston with Yarn issues.

This show is about the knitting scene in Boston and around the world. Why stop at knitting and purling… There are so many great fiber activities out there.

This show is constantly evolving in shape and form, but always tries to entertain and encourage fiber folks. Like community radio of the past, it sheds light on a community with great love and enthusiasm.

This show may cause stash rash or project startitis. It has also been known to cause people to hallucinate and want to travel to New England to join in all the fun. If longing for fiber lasts more than four hours, please rush to your local yarn store. Not recommended for children under 13 or people who can’t take a joke.

See ya soon… really…

2 thoughts on “The Mission Statement”

  1. I like! (And hope it inspires you to record again soon).
    Your podcast really shows how yarn builds local community, which is why I love it so much. Go Guido!

  2. I live in a Boston suburb, and like learning about the local fiber community. It took me a while to find a knitting group, and I still don’t have a store I can call my local yarn shop. So I look forward to all your great information about people and businesses in the Boston area.

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