IAPM76: Extreme Double Knitting

52 Pickup Scarf
52 Pickup Scarf

In this episode I sit down with my close friend Alasdair Pot-Quinn to talk about knitting and his new book Extreme Double Knitting. We also talk a little about some of my favorite things like zefrank and Knittings Review

4 thoughts on “IAPM76: Extreme Double Knitting”

  1. Yay! great interview, and so wonderful to hear your voice again. I truly enjoy the masculine view on the fiber arts, and you do a great job. I really liked hearing about double knitting. Might give it a try.

  2. Guido, I am so excited to see that you and the podcast have returned! I was so thrilled to see a new show in my “It’s a Purl Man” feed on iTunes that I initially thought it must be some sort of mistake or a mirage. Your’s was the first knitting podcast I listened to when I started knitting again 2 years ago and it provided me with hours of entertainment and the motivation to finally move beyond garter stitch. :)

  3. Excellently amazing… Hats off to your podcast… This is a world-class write-up which I think should be read by every citizen of the world. I am happy that at least somebody gave this subject an attention. People should understand its importance as well…

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