IAPM78: Leslie Ann

Cast On, Bind Off Book Cover


On this weeks show I get to talk with Leslie Ann the new author of Cast On, Bind Off. Leslie Ann is a teacher who has just published her first book, and it’s a lot of book on a topic that comes into play with every knitting project.

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38 thoughts on “IAPM78: Leslie Ann”

  1. Rally enjoyed the podcast. She sounds like a fun and lovely person. Would love to win her book. As for something new, I recently discovered podcast (LOL), and now plan to put some on my phone to listen to while knitting. So nice!

  2. Am always happy to find new podcasts. Plus a chance to win the book doesn’t hurt either! :-)

  3. i loved the chance to hear from the author herself. i would love to win a copy of the book. thanks for the chance to win.

  4. I’ve just been turned on to podcasts recently, and as someone who has also just started running, they are like a godsend! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome book!

  5. I’m always interested in checking out new podcasts. I have a long daily travel commute and they keep me company. Thanks for a chance to win the book.

  6. I recently used the provisional cast on for the very first time. I amazed…it worked! Thanks for asking Leslie Ann about the slip knot…I had always wondered about that! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  7. This was the first time I listened to your pod cast and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks also for the give away.

  8. What a treat to see this pop up in my iTunes! My current challenge is making sure my LTCO is loose and even. I’d love to win the book.

  9. I just used the elastic bind off for a top down cardigan and it worked really well. I’d love to have this book as a reference.

  10. Hi! I am discovering some fun new ( to me) blogs whilst stalking this book. Ironically, since the book tour began, I actually learned a new cast off–now I have a reperatoire of two! I know a fair number of cast on methods, but tend to use long tail a huge percentage of the time. this book looks really useful and well-formatted.

  11. Really interesting podcast. I have this book in my wishlist so to win would be great. I can only use one form of cast-on at the moment!

  12. Loved Leslie Ann. Took a weaving class with her at Webs last year. Definitely a book on my wishlist, as she is a great teacher!

  13. This book sounds great! I have learned that my favorite yarn is 50% Alpaca and 50% silk. It so soft and shiny!

  14. I found your podcast from following the book tour, and I really enjoyed it! I’ll be bookmarking your page and listening for future shows. I’d love to win a copy of the book too – it looks like such a helpful resource!

  15. love the podcast. love Massachusetts – and miss it so much too. really excited to find your show and get it on iTunes, I just found out how much I was missing out on in the knitting world. thanks for the review on the book. I would be happy to have this in my bag of tricks. gotta keep learning!

  16. Nice to discover your podcast! Great interview. I don’t think I’ve learned anything too exciting recently in the knitting world, except that no matter how much yarn I have, none of it seems right for the project I want to start and I have to buy more.

  17. Cool! This is my first podcast. I’ll be back again – and thank you for the opportunity to win this great book! I’ve been using the same old reliable cast on and cast off for ages, this is a good time for a change!

  18. what a great podcast, I found it from the book tour, so would love to be entered! Def added this podcast to my regular list on top, so its a win win either way :)

  19. Learned the german twisted cast on last year at stitches. Would love to win this book and try out different cast ons and bind offs.

  20. Wonderful interview! I’ve read many reviews of the book but it was great to hear Leslie Ann talk about it. Something that I learned many new things while knitting was a sock by Alice Yu called ‘Spring Shoots’. You knit the toe, then the foot, then another toe which closes the shape. Then you snip the yarn & pick up stitches to knit the leg, it worked & it fits!

  21. Oh, well, wow: two good things – a nice new podcast and a(nother) chance at winning that fab-looking book :-)

  22. Great interview. I like your sense of humor. Maybe I’ll be a lucky winner of Leslie Ann’s book.

  23. Thanks for bringing our attention to this great little book. I’d love to have it to just tuck inside my knitting bag.

  24. Please enter me for the give away. Newest thing learned lately? Nothing, but nothing beats marking lace repeats with markers to help a knitter keep her (or his) sanity!!!

  25. I’ve got this book in my Wish List. I would love to win it. I also really enjoy listening to a guy talk about knitting. Let’s hear more about your knitting, Guido. I am learning lace knitting at the moment, taking a Craftsy class by Laura Nelkin. My biggest challenge is the tiny yarn. I kinda wish I’d gone with fingering weight instead of lace weight, but I really like the way laceweight looks. I definitely want to try entrelac and fair isle next.

  26. Newest thing I’ve learned recently was the cable cast on (for my version of the Vodka Lemonade cardigan).

  27. I just recently started using Jenny’s stretchy bind off for my socks and I LOVE IT!!!!

  28. I just learned how to do a pico edging on the Willow Cowl. Definitely a first for me.

    Just found your podcast – really liking what I’ve heard (the last three episodes) thus far! Thanks!

  29. Leslie Ann’s book was just mentioned at Knitting Camp, too, and sounds like a great resource. I just picked up a new book that I’m reading called, “Working With Wool, A Coast Salish Legacy and the Cowichan Sweater” by Sylvia Olsen. Fascinating!


    Kimberly from CT… enjoy the book and thanks again to Storey for providing a prize copy to my listeners.

  31. Just discovered your podcast! As for something new, I just took up Portuguese knitting. So much easier on my body!

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