What is It’s a Purl Man?

It’s a Purl Man is a knitting podcast from Boston hosted by Guido Stein. The show is like Wayne’s World meets the Muppet Show meets Boston meets knitting. It’s a show that shares the community that Guido meets in his many knitting journeys. The show has interviews, essays, reviews, and updates about knitting life through the eyes of the host and others.

On occasion items are sent to the show for review. Sending a items does not promise a review. For the most part, many of the review items are given out as prizes for listener drawings.

How to contact?

guido at itsapurlman.com

Other Stuff

Guido is the president of the Common Cod Fiber Guild and is working to starting local fiber arts/craft community un-conferences called FiberCamp. He is also working on a new podcast to be released in Fall of 2009.

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