The Mission Statement

Sometimes it’s important to make a statement, sometimes it’s important to go on a mission, and sometimes doing both makes for very interesting business speak.

So in an effort to find my spark I give you, a mission statement Memo:


To whom it may concern:

It’s a Purl, Man is a show about a guy from Boston with Yarn issues.

This show is about the knitting scene in Boston and around the world. Why stop at knitting and purling… There are so many great fiber activities out there.

This show is constantly evolving in shape and form, but always tries to entertain and encourage fiber folks. Like community radio of the past, it sheds light on a community with great love and enthusiasm.

This show may cause stash rash or project startitis. It has also been known to cause people to hallucinate and want to travel to New England to join in all the fun. If longing for fiber lasts more than four hours, please rush to your local yarn store. Not recommended for children under 13 or people who can’t take a joke.

See ya soon… really…


Last week I started to listen to the podcast from the beginning. You can really hear the excitement and momentum of my knitting life in those shows. I am so excited to reach out to the community and so thrilled to find an audience of people who share my love of fiber.

Sadly, I don’t quite feel that way now. While I am still a lover of fiber and community, I have to admit something. I think that I have fallen into a bit of a funk.

It’s not that I don’t want to knit, crochet, produce podcasts, build community, and dream up new fun things to do. It’s that I can’t find the spark right now.

The spark to finish a project… The spark to create something new… The spark to know what to do with my stash… The spark to know what I want next…

So here I am getting ready to start another series of the podcast, start another season of knitting, start a new series of podcasts and I find myself in a bit of a funk.

Perhaps I just a need to re-engage myself into projects and community, perhaps I just need to find an inspiring knitting project. What ever it is, I think that this may be a good thing to explore and think about as I start the new season of It’s a Purl Man.

I know I am not alone, I know we can all find our freak if we try… so let’s keep our eyes and hearts open to the new possibilities.

So, what’s your spark?

Be my valentine…

On this valentine day I reflect on the past couple of years and the people who have come into my life as listeners to my show.

So, it’s been a while.

I miss you and miss this show, but I have been really overloaded with projects and paid work. Between a major event every month from Nov. to Jan., a fashion show, FiberCamp Boston, the holidays, spending time with my family/friends, and trying to keep up at work… it’s been a lot.

Like so many people who try to make a change in the world, I have become somewhat burned out and have needed some down time. Time for me, time for breathing, time for knitting.

Soon, I will be back from my time off and putting out new shows both here and on the standard yarn. I feel that both shows are important to me and have different types of content.

Anyhow… Thank you for your patience and I hope that you will be mine this year…

IAPM72: Rhinebeck and more

Joanne Seiff
Joanne Seiff

Joanne Seiff, author of Knit Green and Fiber Gathering, joins me on the show to talk about Rhinebeck, fiber events, and the complicated landscape of bring green. She is very knowledgeable about both fiber and the environment and breaks it all down for us in her writing.

Many, many thanks to my friend Alanna at Tactile Travel for taking me on her tour to Rhinebeck. Her tour was wonderful and filled with fiber, history, and wonderful people.

Also… I am working on so many projects I hope you can be patient with me as I work towards getting the show out and putting on some major events with my guild. If you are in Boston please come out and join the fun.

Rhinebeck 2009

Words fail me

Perhaps this is how haikus got started, someone went to Rhinebeck and felt very overwhelmed… so they had to limit the amount of words that came out of their mouth in describing the experience.

The fall brought Rhinebeck
Tactile Travel tour drove me there

Please enjoy my impromptu slide show as I try to put together the words for the weekend:


Knitting guy peeps

Video podcast peeps

New Podcast Peeps

Old friend and new friend

Vanderbilt Mansion with Tactile Travel

New friend who pinned me

Ravelry meetup (yeah, like they need a link)

Fancie Purls in Norwood MA

Mini Mills lust

IAPM71: Itty Bitty Toys

Itty Bitty Toys coverOn Todays show I have a great discussion with Susan B Anderson about her new book “Itty Bitty Toys“. She shares her influences and thoughts about the book as well as her other projects.

In the Yarn-a-lot I talk about my joy of finally making it to Creative Fibers in Windsor, CT (near Hartford).

I am also getting ready to go on a trip with Tactile Travel to Rhinebeck, wehre I will be live posting my trip to over the weekend. You can also follow my live feed through my twitter account.

IAPM70 – Reaching Into The Back Of The Stash

Kathy Elkins and her kidsOn today’s show I have an interview with Kathy Elkins of WEBS America’s Yarn Store. She blogs and has a podcast about the yarn that comes into the shop and the many interesting people in the fiber industry.



Little Bubbles (KnitPicks)
Quincy (by Brooklyn Tweed)

Common Cod Fiber Guild
Make Mine Local Fiber Arts Fashion Showcase
FiberCamp Boston

Other Links
Knit a Journey

IAPM69 – Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing bookOn today’s show Mandy Moore and Leanne Praine talk about there newly released book Yarn Bombing. It’s a guide to kntting graffiti and the very public world of knitting.

IAPM68 – Summer TNNA 2009 Spectacular

This show is chock full of interviews from the Summer TNNA 2009. If that isn’t enough, check out the live feed post here.

Many thanks to Buffalo Gold for taking me in and letting me go to the show.