The votes are in

In case you didn’t know:

I am starting a fiber guild in Boston. It’s going to be a Friday night group where we can all go for drinks afterward. We have set up two meetings and on one special event planned for 2008. We are in the process of taking of the Boston Knit Out organization. We plan to have meetings, continue the Boston Knit Out as a part of the World Wide Knit in Public, and we have a dream of a fiber un-conference (more to come on this later).

Last night I was voted in as Boston Knit Out president. This means that my group is going to be a bona fide charity. Which means we need to keep track of everything that happens with the bank account and stuff.

So… This has been my summer project and every time I think I will have free time to get going on the podcast, somehow a guild task keeps rearing it’s head… But soon, the Guild will launch and I will have time again. Friday we will launch the website and send out some press release information to the media.

After the luanch, on Sunday… I will sit down and put together the next episode. This is going to be the return… I swear… and because this show happens after the launch I can tell you all about the guild and explain the strange images I have been posting (the one above is of President Taft and company).

Talk to you soon… really… really…

So many yarns spinning…

Sky Roof

I am working on getting the new fiber guild off the ground. I have been talking to people about speaking at our meetings. I have been working on graphics. I have been getting venues, tickets, and lawyers. I have been trying to figure out how to convince everyone to come out and play.

And now I am so close… I have two speakers booked, I have a space for the first year, I have a group of people to support the guild, I have the support of the Knit Out folks, and I even have a special event.

So… that’s where I have been… Next week I launch the Guild website and I can finally spill the beans on who is coming and what the whole group is about and what the name is…

In the mean time, I will put out that NENA show this weekend. I will probably not talk about the guild too much because I have to wait one more week… pooh…

also… if you recieved something from me recently in the mail, can you please let me know that you have gotten it. Thanks a lot

Next week… less fractured english and more sleep.

The Worsted Feather Tribune

Dear listener…

Today was another wonderful day at camp not-a-lot-a-fiber. We started the day at the pool where we learned to block shawls. We then moved into the hundred yard dash where we learned to beat other campers to the cashmere sale. After dinner, we all gathered around and sang a round of camp town girls knit all day long… It was great…

What a lovely dream camp…

Back on this side of reality…

Today is the same as most of July… except July is almost over and I need to start getting the word out about the guild that is going to start in September, but I don’t have a speaker yet… yes… just another day in the house of Guido. Don’t worry, I will find a way. ( which is to say if you are a knitting god and willing to speak in September at a guild in Boston that doesn’t exist yet for a couple of beers, please email me)

The good news is that I will be putting out a new show next week… It’s going to be about NENA. If you are jonesing for a little podcast content about some of my real FiberCamp dreams please check out this podcast done by a friend Paul at podcamp.

Ok, back to the phone bank for me.

A quick wrapup…

So many things to update you all on… let’s start with some thanks, Thanks to

Cat and Eric
and everyone else who sent me an image or positive vibe for my podcamp presentation.

It went well. Actually, I think that the knitting gods were smiling upon me by stacking the room with knitters who started an interesting dialogue about creative process. I still don’t know how to accept a dropped stitch, but it is a part of the process and nothing to get too excited about.

Podcamp Boston 3 was a lot of fun for me. I presented, saw a battle deck (or a least half of one), I sat in on parts of sessions, but mostly I just hung out and helped podcast Newbies. For me going to these events are about gathering with community. it’s not that I don’t have asperations of my own, but for now I know where I am and am not looking for too much new stuff.

In this vain, I would like to start a FiberCamp where all knitters/crocheters/rug hookers/ and other fiber enthusiasts could gather talk shop, teach, learn, and generally hang out where the community is the point of the gathering.  So I am going to be working on this later this year, but for the time being here is a link to a show where I got into a conversation about this idea at Podcamp Boston 3.

EDITED: link to come…

But here is a link to an interview I did about knitting and podcasting for someone else’s show here

Anxiety and excitment

So we are now in July, already.

Time and I seem to be having some issues. It keeps slipping away like air conditioning out a window. I think I have plenty of time, and then it’s July. So why am I all at odds with time. Because I want to get things done.

Let’s see, I am still working on my knit/podcast presentation for tomorrow. (Yes podcamp is finally upon us). I would have thought that I would have an extra week to work on it, but no.. no such time.

Also… there is the fiber guild. It’s on its way, but now it’s July and I need to get some things pinned down so that we can start promoting it. But no…, July just shows up at the house all unannounced and doesn’t give me the time to make sure put out the clean table cloth or setup a new bank account. Stupid uninvited month.

So in closing… it’s been another year for me(July is also my B-day month) and I am still playing catchup. Perhaps this year of my life will be blessed with some extra time for knitting, podcasting, and super exciting guild projects. I can only hope.

I am not Canadian

And people say I appologize like I was Canadian…

Thought you all might like to check out the High Maintenance Machine site. The author of this strip not only lives in my city, but he also seems to live in my head. I find it strange that so many of the scenes he plays out on the strip have happened between me and my pumkin wife. My pumkin wife almost snarfed her drink once when she was reading the strip and found an really typical scene play out where I try to sing one of her favorite song by Bon Jovi only to destroy it… (also, she was at the Bon Jovi concert in Boston last night and assures me that he still has a cute butt)

I love this kind of comic book. I hope to some day make my drawing good enough to share stories through a small strip. Perhaps I can beg this guy to teach me the art of drawing and all… (read… add one more project for me).

I am going to sign off now for the weekend, I am going to Boston Podcamp and I will let you know how my presentation goes next week with perhaps a new show and all.

Some help please

Hey all…

I need help collecting images. So in my usual fashion I have a final week crunch on a project and I need help from you gals/guys. I am presenting on Saturday about knitting lessons learned and how they relate to podcasting and the creative process. Here are some of my points currently:

  • Fiber is everywhere and in so many different types
  • Everyone can knit
  • Projects are unique in fiber, color, and pattern
  • You don’t have to knit a sweater or Sock knitters are everywhere
  • Dropped Stitches happen
  • Who are your projects for
  • UFO’s run free in every knitters house
  • Knitting circles are important to your sanity

If you have any photos you feel would relate to these topics please send me a link or the photo either commenting to this post or sending me an email at podcast-at-itsapurlman-com.

Thank you in advance, I will be sure to share with you all how the presentation goes.

Strong Bad Email Scarf

Shape shifting into a scarf

Strong Bad Email has been a staple of internet entertainment for a while. The shows are pretty geeky and funny and totally pointless. Somehow they keep developing these weirdo little characters into a world full of marshmallows.

Anyhow, I was watching one of the recent shows (here) and Strong Bad was talking about the rules of shape shifting. One of the rules he through out was about turning into grandmother’s knitted gifts, which I thought was funny. but then when at the end he changed into a scarf.. that’s when I decided I had to blog about it.

Ok.. so this means… it’s a slow week/month and this contitutes more knitting awesomeness.

Also… in case I forgot to post this a long time ago when i found it… knitting is a part of the first penny arcade comic strip as well.

WWKIP Boston 2008 : Copley Square 10-1.5

I wish I had something really clever to write today about where I have been and what I have been up to. I wish I could tell you that I have had nothing but cool knitting stuff in my life. But, reality is a cruel master and I have been trapped under mycomputer working for the man and have not had a lot of time to spare. But I hope to get out and hang with some of you this Saturday…

I will be heading out to Copley Square Saturday morning to do a little Knitting in public and I hope that you all will be joining me. I will be out from 10:00am until 1ish. I will also be distirbuting a little yarn crawl for those of you who want to run around afterward. Sadly, I cannot hang out afterward due to a previous enagement.

Based on the conversation on ravelry I am really excited about the number of new people I will meet this year. ok.. back to the paying gig..

I put together a google map for you gals/guys who are looking for the event.