May is Madness

So for those of you following along here has been my schedule this month:

May 4th – NENA (New England Needle Arts Show)
May 11th –  NH Sheep and Wool
May16th-18th – Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat (thanks Joe, Ted, Dave, Stephen, Patrick, Sean, Josh, Chris…… for a great weekend)
May 25th – Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft (Looking forward to the lead line and the sheep to shawl)

So… what have you all been up to? Have any of you started a yarn shop or moved to a farm… or are we all dreaming about it. oh well…

When the sheep come home

hey… you… you with the teeth. You still reading/listening to this blog. Well… It’s good to see that you are still there. Sometimes I forget you are there because I get wrapped up in work and life and blah… blah… blah… you get the idea.

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that this here podcaster is not taking a break and that there are more shows on the way. It has just been a while since I had time to rub together to put a show out.

This weekend my mother is coming up for our pseudo annual trip to NH Sheep and Wool. I look forward to showing her all the progress I have made on her sweater, it’s only taken three years.

We will put together a show with interviews that I did at NENA last week.

Next week I am going to put out a second episode in the middle of the week about the MA Sheep and Wool. I really enjoy going to that show with my pumkin wife and am going to try and share with you a little pre-show goodness.

I haven’t forgotten about you and I am not podfagding (please it’s been less than a month).

Also, if I owe you an email… sorry… can’t get to it.. I will catch up in June, I promise… :)

The Live show take 3

OK… so I like the live show format. Really, I just like having you all around while I put the show together. It makes it a hell of a lot more fun. Also, I like chatting with people in the music breaks.

With all that said I want to remind everyone that I will be having another live show for:

11:00AM EST

This show will be co-hosted by my super cool guest about a topic I think many of you know is comming (listen to my last show for more info). There will be a live drawing for people who are a part of the audience as well as a 50th episode drawing for people who have either google mapped their LYS (see last two shows) or sent in suggestions for a clips show (which is on hold because it’s even herder to piece together than I thought.

In the future I think I will start to do live shows every tenth episode. If we are lucky I will be able to do a live show with an actual live audience some day, which will mean total mayhem.

Looking forward to another 50 epsodes with all of you, if I get to 100 we will have to have a part in Boston which includes a massive fiber crawl. I can’t wait… can you…