The Mission Statement

Sometimes it’s important to make a statement, sometimes it’s important to go on a mission, and sometimes doing both makes for very interesting business speak.

So in an effort to find my spark I give you, a mission statement Memo:


To whom it may concern:

It’s a Purl, Man is a show about a guy from Boston with Yarn issues.

This show is about the knitting scene in Boston and around the world. Why stop at knitting and purling… There are so many great fiber activities out there.

This show is constantly evolving in shape and form, but always tries to entertain and encourage fiber folks. Like community radio of the past, it sheds light on a community with great love and enthusiasm.

This show may cause stash rash or project startitis. It has also been known to cause people to hallucinate and want to travel to New England to join in all the fun. If longing for fiber lasts more than four hours, please rush to your local yarn store. Not recommended for children under 13 or people who can’t take a joke.

See ya soon… really…


Last week I started to listen to the podcast from the beginning. You can really hear the excitement and momentum of my knitting life in those shows. I am so excited to reach out to the community and so thrilled to find an audience of people who share my love of fiber.

Sadly, I don’t quite feel that way now. While I am still a lover of fiber and community, I have to admit something. I think that I have fallen into a bit of a funk.

It’s not that I don’t want to knit, crochet, produce podcasts, build community, and dream up new fun things to do. It’s that I can’t find the spark right now.

The spark to finish a project… The spark to create something new… The spark to know what to do with my stash… The spark to know what I want next…

So here I am getting ready to start another series of the podcast, start another season of knitting, start a new series of podcasts and I find myself in a bit of a funk.

Perhaps I just a need to re-engage myself into projects and community, perhaps I just need to find an inspiring knitting project. What ever it is, I think that this may be a good thing to explore and think about as I start the new season of It’s a Purl Man.

I know I am not alone, I know we can all find our freak if we try… so let’s keep our eyes and hearts open to the new possibilities.

So, what’s your spark?

Be my valentine…

On this valentine day I reflect on the past couple of years and the people who have come into my life as listeners to my show.

So, it’s been a while.

I miss you and miss this show, but I have been really overloaded with projects and paid work. Between a major event every month from Nov. to Jan., a fashion show, FiberCamp Boston, the holidays, spending time with my family/friends, and trying to keep up at work… it’s been a lot.

Like so many people who try to make a change in the world, I have become somewhat burned out and have needed some down time. Time for me, time for breathing, time for knitting.

Soon, I will be back from my time off and putting out new shows both here and on the standard yarn. I feel that both shows are important to me and have different types of content.

Anyhow… Thank you for your patience and I hope that you will be mine this year…

WWKIP 2007


Clik on MAP for larger view

WWKIP 2007 Boston – The Plan

So this is the plan (with google map).

If it is nice:

  • Go to Copley Square (area 1 on map) at noon
  • Knit
  • Meet some new people
  • Scare the general public with our knitting powers
  • Perhaps take a peek at the parade (it’s a block away)
  • Go to Newbury Yarns and fondle yarn

if it’s not nice (which is what they are saying):

  • Go to the food court in Copley Square mall (entrance is in area 2 on map) at noon
  • Knit
  • Meet some new people
  • Eat some Japaneses food, use chopsticks for knitting demo
  • Scare the general public with our knitting powers
  • Go to borders books and scoof at there knitting book collection

I will be easily identifiable with my black peeps T-Shirt (you’ll see) and my huge purple/mauve Chuppah knitting project.

Can’t wait to see you there… If enough people show up and there is an interest I am happy to break down around 3:00pm to go on a yarn downtown yarn crawl. There are three shops within fifteen minute walk.

How bad could it be

So I have been kicking around the idea of doing a skit for the show called:

Yarn Beard (The Knitting Pirate) And The Curse Of The Black Purl

Copyright issues aside, I’m sure that Disney could have a field day, is this such a bad idea?

My Pumkin, you may remeber her as the one who refers the the show as dead, thinks that this may be a little too corny. But I spent the weekend re-assuring her that there is no such thing as too corny for you guys gals.

So I put it to you, is a skit about a knitting pirate and his shaggy crew too much?

Also… new show and happyness at the end of the week.

Holiday Knitting Approaches

So not to spook you, but… Next week is ten weeks from Christmas.

This can me:

  • It’s time to get you projects going
  • It’s time to pick some holiday projects
  • It’s time to buy some knitting gifts for friends
  • It’s time to buy yourself some nice knitting gifts to sneak into the pile of gifts (he with the most gifts wins)

In this vain I am going to try and help people out in two ways:

  1. I will be giving away a free books each week from now until Christmas
  2. I will be incouraging you guys to knit some items for charity

I Bet you didn’t see number two comming. I know that I didn’t. I guess in a way I would like to start a knit along that contributes to charities. All knitting charities are good, but since the weather is getting colder in N.E. I am going to be working on some kid clothing and adult hats to keep people warm this winter.

So I will work to help give out some books that will inspire you to knit something for a loved one or charity, you guys get out there and knit until the cows come home.

So this week, if you feel so inclined, comment to this post with a charity knitting pledge and I will put you in a drawing for a free book on Sunday’s show. This is an honor system, but if you complete your pledge come back and comment about it again showing us what you have done.

The sun will come out…

Ok so I am finally fealing more like myself and can’t wait to find some time to do some more talking and tell you guys what I have been up to. But that will have to wait now until I have some free time at home, this may take until next week. But for now here are a couple notes and some picture for you to enjoy.

  1. I would like to publicly announce my anger over yarn sluts segment of the Knitty D and the City (that’s Wendy) show. Because of their influential episode 5, I cannot stop going to Webbs website and coveting the Rowan plaid. :P
  2. I am loving the new book Greeting from Knit cafe and will talk about it in the net episode(whenever that happens). But, after visting the Knit Cafe website, I am a little disturbed by the buzz. I look at the the Buzz section and then mouse over it.. I think that picture may be a little phalic for me. Or I am just a high school kid at heart and can’t help but making everything into a penis joke.
  3. Knitting in public would be more awesome if it weren’t raining out. But I give major props to the following people who did show up in Boston. I hope i get all your names correct:
    Jordan – kgb special forces
    Noble Jordan
    Anna – Random knitter from Milan
    Ariel – Sock of the week contestant (12 done since January)
    Alasdair – KGB special ops (triple knitting)
    Triple Alasdair
    Dannielle – Sock reporter
    Emily – Flaming Poi glove maker (don’t ask, I don’t know)
    EmilyFlaming Poi
    Patience – Not just a virtue, but also a slammin knitter (thanks for the help
    Patience is a virtue
  4. Finally, EZ is not for kids… Mrs. Zimmerman’s baby suprise is only suprising if you think you can do it without ripping back. It took me a week to get therought the first three colors I used:
    Suprise Baby
    Just when I thought I was doing ok, I got binto the increases and everything went wacky again. I give you holes:
    Not a suprise
    oh cruel world… oh Elizabeth.. why mus you taunt me with your clever projects that make more sore in the ripping…. Oh well, I have to rip back to the red, again… If the holes were the only problem i might just leave them in (hey, it’s my first one and the baby won’t know). But my stitch count is off, again, so I have to go back.

That’s it for now. I bet somebody in my office has some work for me to attend to. :)

Why do I want to meet everyone?

Through this pod cast I reach hundreds of people. I find myself now wanting to meet my listeners but, I don’t know why.

I don’t do the show because I am super egotistical. If I did the show would sound a lot more like Howard Stern and less like Ira Glass (I heart Ira). I am not looking to meet people to discuss me and my silly show. Nor am I looking for validation, although a nice atta boy / pat on the back from my listeners does give me re-newed energy to do the show.

I want to meet people because I am interested in what other people are up to and what they are like. But I fear that in meeting them we will find ourselves with nothing to talk about.

I think this is another one of those moments where I realize why it is I love knitting groups so much. I don’t need to strike up the conversation, but I can listen and chime in when I feel like it.

Anyhow,  for those who are interested in hanging out and gabbing about projects… I am going to the NH Fiber Fest this weekend. I will be traveling with my mom and knitting buddy. I will probably be wearing a tan hat that has the LL Bean fly fishing logo on it. I invite people to say hi. I will be looking to record other people talking about what they are doing at the show, so if you want to contribute, please let me know.

You will know it is me if I look the my picture on the Yarn Harlot web page and am carrying around those silly cards I posted about yesterday in my knitting bag.

Also, is anyone in the NYC area?? I am going to be down there on business June 7-10. I am looking for a group somewhere in Manhattan to go to for me and my Auntie. If you have ideas, please let me know.