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02 March 2010 ~ 2 Comments

The Mission Statement

Sometimes it’s important to make a statement, sometimes it’s important to go on a mission, and sometimes doing both makes for very interesting business speak. So in an effort to find my spark I give you, a mission statement Memo: 3/2/2010 To whom it may concern: It’s a Purl, Man is a show about a […]

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23 February 2010 ~ 14 Comments


Last week I started to listen to the podcast from the beginning. You can really hear the excitement and momentum of my knitting life in those shows. I am so excited to reach out to the community and so thrilled to find an audience of people who share my love of fiber. Sadly, I don’t quite feel that way now. […]

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14 February 2010 ~ 5 Comments

Be my valentine…

On this valentine day I reflect on the past couple of years and the people who have come into my life as listeners to my show. So, it’s been a while. I miss you and miss this show, but I have been really overloaded with projects and paid work. Between a major event every month […]

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08 June 2007 ~ 5 Comments

WWKIP 2007

Clik on MAP for larger view WWKIP 2007 Boston – The Plan So this is the plan (with google map). If it is nice: Go to Copley Square (area 1 on map) at noon Knit Meet some new people Scare the general public with our knitting powers Perhaps take a peek at the parade (it’s […]

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02 January 2007 ~ 15 Comments

How bad could it be

So I have been kicking around the idea of doing a skit for the show called: Yarn Beard (The Knitting Pirate) And The Curse Of The Black Purl Copyright issues aside, I’m sure that Disney could have a field day, is this such a bad idea? My Pumkin, you may remeber her as the one […]

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12 October 2006 ~ 18 Comments

Holiday Knitting Approaches

So not to spook you, but… Next week is ten weeks from Christmas. This can me: It’s time to get you projects going It’s time to pick some holiday projects It’s time to buy some knitting gifts for friends It’s time to buy yourself some nice knitting gifts to sneak into the pile of gifts […]

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13 June 2006 ~ 5 Comments

The sun will come out…

Ok so I am finally fealing more like myself and can’t wait to find some time to do some more talking and tell you guys what I have been up to. But that will have to wait now until I have some free time at home, this may take until next week. But for now […]

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12 May 2006 ~ 3 Comments

Why do I want to meet everyone?

Through this pod cast I reach hundreds of people. I find myself now wanting to meet my listeners but, I don’t know why. I don’t do the show because I am super egotistical. If I did the show would sound a lot more like Howard Stern and less like Ira Glass (I heart Ira). I […]

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30 April 2006 ~ 7 Comments

Renee Likes My Podcast

Too cute not to want to share. This is my best friend’s daughter. Based on her smile and general attitude she is either enjoying a good pony ride or listening to my show. Her parents don’t realize it yet, but someday I am going to get her hooked on knitting. Renee, can you say yarn […]

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