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02 October 2006 ~ 5 Comments

My First Baby Suprise

  I just got this picture in an email from my friend who received the baby suprise. My pumkin always noted that the sleeves always seemed a bit too small, now looking at the image of the garment in use, I have to agree. It’s looks like it’s some sort of sweater t-shirt. Which is […]

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04 April 2006 ~ 4 Comments

As promised… Pictures

As promised in my last podcast here is a monkey update picture. To the left is my computer, then there is my dinner and then.. MONKEY!!! LEGS X 2 ARM X.5 (still on sticks) MONKEY SCARF X 1 BODY PIECES X 3 SKEINS OF YARN X 1 This hot number is Elle, my knitting voice […]

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