I am now dreaming in alpacavision

It feels so weird, but this morning right before waking up I had a dream about fiber. The obsession is creeping deeper and deeper into my subconscious.In my dream I was visiting a comic book store in Portsmouth New Hampshire. I was looking for some rare something or other. I finally decide to leave and for some reason I realize that I am supposed to meet Caroline from the fibercast and talk some more about alpacas. And there, walking down the street is Caroline with two wee alpacas. One is small enought to to carry around in a tote bag and one is small enough to hold in your hands. (I know that this is way to small, but it was a dream. I think they looked more like llamas, I don’t think I really know what an alpaca looks like in person)

So Caroline comes over to me carrying her little ones in a tote bag, the large one in the main fold and the smaller one in a pocket of the bag. Apparently there is now a crowd forming around us. She starts off by letting me pet her larger alpaca. After laying my hands on it’s soft fuzzy fleece I start to feel that the fur is shedding. When I finally remove my hands from the alpaca I realize that I now have a wonderful little ball of roving, all perfectly carded and everything (WOW!!).

Caroline tells me that I should take as much as I need and that these balls of roving are perfect for new spinners. (Yippie, Caroline is the best both in real life and in dream time) Then she hand me the little hand held alpaca. This does not go as well for me. It poops in my hands, and for some reason I had to ask Caroline if she needed to measure the poop. I never knew how anal retentive I could get. Oh well…

Somewhere around me washing my hands, I woke up… I had the sudden desire to spend some time with my stash looking for something soft.

Aright, that is all for now. Please leave all your interpretation of my dreams in comment form. I can’t wait for someone to help give me some meaning about all this.

Mothers and Young Guy Knitters (YGK)

This is the best picture I found of a YGK at the Boston Knit Out:

A boy at Boston Knit out... rock on

I think I need to explain something to my valued listeners.

I don’t know if my podcast is appropriate for kids. While I encourage young guys to learn to knit, I don’t want to censor myself or others who might appear on my pod cast. This show is about expression and as most knitters know, knitting can create expressions that are pretty mature. (I hate ladders, that was the nice version)

Having said this, I would be interested in making a ‘younger guy knitter friendly’ special show highlighting young guy knitters projects as well as their thoughts and stories about knitting. If know or are a young guy knitter(YGK)(someone who is not yet in high school) please feel free to contact me about this.

If you are a young guy knitter, please ask your parents permission. Trust me, getting them mad at you at this point in your life will only make it harder to get the keys to the car when you are older.

Please only send me links to your images and audio commentary. My mailbox may explode otherwise.

I would be happy to help record young guy knitters in the Boston area if I can. If you have access to a space, say a classroom in the Boston area, that I can use for this project… That would make this go so much faster.

Looking forward to hearing about and from the YGK generation.

Please send me an email letting me know about your link info by the April 30th. I will be happy to start a page on my site showing off the projects as they come in. If you want me to link to your own blog, please make it clear in your email. This is not a competition, but I am going to use my descrition about what will end up on the site and podcast. The podcast is not a very long time for commentary, so please keep your audio comments to between one and three minutes. Thanks for contributing…

Pod Cast Dreams

I really want to do a pod cast site. I have been listening to other pod casts on the web and have been inspired. Or maybe what I mean to say is that I want to start a pod cast so that I can hear others talk about my pod cast. Yes, I love having my ego stroked by others.

Who Doesn’t?

In this vain, I have started to have dreams about what my theme music would be like for my pod cast. I have a good friend, Adam Brodsky, who is a anti-folk singer and I keep imagining that he will compose a ballad to guys knitting for me.

And here are the words that I think would start off the song:

(In a waltz/western like rhythm with a bit of guitar/violin twang or Dylan’isc if you prefer. Either way the voice I imagine is low in a Johnny Cash Sort of way)

Manly Stripes
Cable Knits
Long Grey Sweaters
Are the things that gentlemen wear

I don’t know
About you, bub
But I wish for better
Until then I’ll just sit here and bitch(or knit?)

(kick ass guitar solo with a little bit of reverb, this is where I would voice over the intro to the podcast)

I think this would make an awesome song. I think that I need a better second verse. And for this I hope to turn it over to my musical friend Adam.

My sweater Beard

I have a thing about shaving and haircuts. I don’t care for them that much. Not that I don’t like to have nice looking hair or a clean shaven face, but the maintenance is not for me. I always forget, or am in a rush to do something else. I mean, these activities really cut into my knitting time.

So I believe that my knitting suffers because of these mundane tasks. That’s like 15 minutes a day and half an hour every two weeks. So when all is said and done that’s eight hours a month wasted to hair care. In eight hours I could knit, a hat, half a stuffed monkey, a bag, the back of a sweater (maybe), maybe a sock.

I think it is time that I take some of this time back.

In lieu of this, I propose that I will not shave until I have completed my first sweater. So when I finish my sweater I will be all cave manly, Or without an S.O. Whichever comes first.