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05 March 2008 ~ 3 Comments

Last one to know

I know that I don’t get out and do as much knitting and chatting as I would like. But I thought I knew what was going on with the local yarn stores. But then Franklin, in a post on Ravelry, opened up my eyes to a development that is now a year old. Sean, my […]

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28 October 2007 ~ 26 Comments

The Chill in the air

In case you don’t know, it’s starting to get cold in Boston. This usually means three things The leaves will change The Red Sox will be the cause of severe drinking (whether they win or loose) It’s time to find more time to knit (and podcast) Starting next week I will be going back into […]

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08 October 2007 ~ 30 Comments

It’s Done

Now to Jamiaca.. yippy…

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25 September 2007 ~ 17 Comments

Chuppah Fitting

I would like to introduce you to 2/3rds of our wedding Chuppah. In my wedding even the chuppah gets a fitting. My pumkin and I met up with members of Team Chuppah today to work through the logistics of how one put up a knitted chuppah. We are overwhelmed by how awesome this whole thing […]

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04 September 2007 ~ 13 Comments

Countdown to wedding…

Houston: Mission Control, this is Houston. We have 34 days until the wedding and are experiencing some mission difficulties. Over… Mission Control: Ok, Houston, what seems to be the problem. Over… Houston: I can’t seem to find time to complete all the things I would like to do with my “free/available time”. It seems that […]

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07 August 2007 ~ 5 Comments


BOSTON KNIT OUT 2007 CANCELED It’s not meant to be. What can I say. It’s a combination of things, but basically… we did not have enough support to get everything together that we needed. I will be sad not to have the event this year, but this does give us an opportunity to review our […]

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06 August 2007 ~ 16 Comments

I am an uncle…

I would like to introduce you to a new face in town. This little guy is San Mateo. He is my sister’s boy. He like sleeping and pooping and to spend time with his family, just like his mom. My Pumkin and I got to visit with him on Saturday, and now we are both […]

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31 July 2007 ~ 9 Comments

Boston Knit Out 2007 Needs Help

I have sent this message out and posted it up at knitters review. It really makes me sad. Basically, The Boston Knit Out and Crochet Too is a wonderful celebration of yarny crafts.(see button to right for a link). It is a tradition now and I am so looking forward to it. But sdaly it […]

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26 July 2007 ~ 5 Comments

Not a spoiler

So I finished Book 7… It was good… So turning 30 I am thinking about the last decade. I wonder who I was ten years ago compared to who I am today. What I thought being 20 something would be like. My last ten years have not been as filled with wizards and witches, but […]

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18 July 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Couple of short notes

Art Beat Somerville reprinted from the Boston SnB List: Don’t forget to come to ArtBeat (or ArtBeast) on Saturday(7/21) in Davis Square, Somerville. We will have a “Beauty and the Fiber Beast” booth where you can check out some pretty cool fibers, see some folks spinning and knit or crochet a square for charity. Our […]

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