Last one to know

I know that I don’t get out and do as much knitting and chatting as I would like. But I thought I knew what was going on with the local yarn stores. But then Franklin, in a post on Ravelry, opened up my eyes to a development that is now a year old.

Sean, my first interviewee for the show, is now the owner of Woolcott & Co.. That’s a pretty big thing, seeing as Woolcott is an institution in Harvard Square and all.

Congrats to Sean on this, now year old, achievement. I would have congratulated you in person when I saw you a month or so ago, but apparently I am out of touch. (don’t tell my listeners)

I wonder if he is going to add “a male knitter owned” business to his marketing material?

I also hope that, as the new owner, Sean will invite Franklin to come do a photo shoot at his store in the fall, perhaps around the Head of the Charles. We could start a knitting crew team and try to compete… wool floats.

The Chill in the air

In case you don’t know, it’s starting to get cold in Boston. This usually means three things

  1. The leaves will change
  2. The Red Sox will be the cause of severe drinking (whether they win or loose)
  3. It’s time to find more time to knit (and podcast)

Starting next week I will be going back into a regular schedule. I will be looking for new knitting stores to interview in the Boston Area. I will cast on a new project for my little nephew. I will find some more pictures to share.

So… send me some emails and comment like crazy because I want to know what you all have been up too while I have been getting married. I miss you and can’t wait to catch up.



Chuppah Fitting

huge chuppah

I would like to introduce you to 2/3rds of our wedding Chuppah.

In my wedding even the chuppah gets a fitting. My pumkin and I met up with members of Team Chuppah today to work through the logistics of how one put up a knitted chuppah. We are overwhelmed by how awesome this whole thing is.

Speechless… or should I say the only sounds we can utter are.. ahh.. ghaa.. oohh…

We knew it was big and awesome, but we did not know how big and awesome.

Countdown to wedding…

Mission Control, this is Houston. We have 34 days until the wedding and are experiencing some mission difficulties. Over…

Mission Control:
Ok, Houston, what seems to be the problem. Over…

I can’t seem to find time to complete all the things I would like to do with my “free/available time”. It seems that knittig my chuppah, podcasting, wedding planning, family wrangling, bride support, and general house work are all a little much for me to handle all at the same time.
Would it be O.K. with you if at this juncture I focused on bride support and general house work and put off podcasting on any regulated schedule until after the wedding? Over…

Mission Control:
Let me check…

Mission Control:
We’ve looked into the regulations here and have come to conclusion if you need to take some time to make sure that you and your bride do not kill each other prior to your wedding night that it might be a good time to prioritize bride support and house work.

But, you are not done with your podcast. We expect more yarn crawls and insight into your community of knitters when you get back. We also want you to keep us up to date on your chuppah and place UFO pictures as it comes to completion.

Do you understand. Over…

That’s an affirmative… I will update my priorities and get back to you with as much detail as I can when my hands are freed up from the chuppah. Over…

Mission Control:
One more thing, stop spending so much time at Ravelry and get to work. Over…


It’s not meant to be. What can I say. It’s a combination of things, but basically… we did not have enough support to get everything together that we needed. I will be sad not to have the event this year, but this does give us an opportunity to review our model of event and try and make it bigger and better for next time.

But I will be moody on September 30th, mark your calendars.

I am still working on the Chuppah. I have a panel that is between 6′-8′ long by about 1′ wide. My pumkin has a strip that is the same length and about .5′ wide. So I think we are going to need some help soon. Perhaps we will hold a knitting day at our house were we will provide refreshements and silly t.v.. Perhaps I should call my stor owner friends and see if they want to have an event. (event, like knitting my chuppah is all that. Am I that full of myself?) Has anyone else ever tried to do a big ass blanket in strips? Any tips about getting the community involved?

Now that I don’t have any more chours for the Knit Out it is important that I start to focus on that other major event this fall. I just realized that I need to start getting a little more excercise in if I plan on looking good in the photos. (don’t worry, I am not psycho about loosing weight). I hope to send out all the invites this week. I cant belive it’s only two months away. I can’t believe I am getting married. It’s a little much this year… 30, uncle, married, no Knit Out… these are the things that make my life now. I don’t think I could have imagined this in my wildest dreams.

Never mind, it’s not going to happen between now and my wedding, I guess I might bring a rod down with me on my honey moon.


  • I have been meaning to record a new show, and I have one show that I am piecing together from an incredible interview.
  • I have a plan to meet with a friend and do a quickie book review show
  • Wonder if I will get to Rhinebeck this year?
  • I need to get back to a regular knitting schedule, I miss going to my groups
  • I want a puppy…(just saying)

I am an uncle…


I would like to introduce you to a new face in town. This little guy is San Mateo. He is my sister’s boy. He like sleeping and pooping and to spend time with his family, just like his mom.

My Pumkin and I got to visit with him on Saturday, and now we are both extremely smitten. As soon as I finish my chuppa this kid is going to get spoiled with so many knitted garments he may never know what it is like to buy socks..

In other news… my rabbi (funny seeing as I am unitarian that I have a rabbi) has pointed out that I should ask for help on the chuppa. So I am going to begin to reach out this month to all the wonderful knitting people in Boston for a little assist. i think I need to throw some knitting pizza parties.

finally, tonight… I think that the Boston Knit Out may have to be canceled. I think we may try to put on some other smaller event, but the big 3,000 plus event may have to wait until next year. I think that the Knit Out committee may need to grow a little stronger before was can take on this event again… but this does not mean the end of the Boston Knit Out, I won’t have that. I will not let another city loose it’s knitting price (ala NY/DC)

More on all of this in tonights episode… Belly Aching.. I hope I record the whole thing in one shot. :)

One more photo, this is what you get when my sister and I work on projects together. notice how calm Mateo is in all this madness:

Putting on a show

Boston Knit Out 2007 Needs Help

I have sent this message out and posted it up at knitters review. It really makes me sad.

Basically, The Boston Knit Out and Crochet Too is a wonderful celebration of yarny crafts.(see button to right for a link). It is a tradition now and I am so looking forward to it. But sdaly it seems that it is harder than ever to get people interested in Knit Outs (N.Y. & D.C. are no longer). I think these non-sales events are important and a great way to get people (both old, young, new and experienced) excited about the craft. What’s more fund than sitting around the park for a couple of hours getting your knit on.

Anyhow… if anyone can help please let me know. We need sponsor to sign on this week. Here is my offical plee:

The Boston Knit Out and Crochet Too has become a yearly institution over the last decade drawing knitters from all over New England to the Boston Common. This event has drawn over 4,000 knitters and crocheters to come out and be a part of our celebration of the crafts. The afternoon is filled with craft related vendors, charities, competitions, and other activities. It is an event that many have come to look forward to.

We need your help to continue this tradition this year. We are in need of more sponsors. We do not have enough sponsors currently to put on the event. We must decide if we have enough support or cancel the event and refund/return anything that was given to us by Monday, Aug. 6th.

If you are willing to sponsor or know someone in the industry who might be interested in sponsoring this event please let me know ASAP. We are willing to man the sponsor booths and hand out samples if companies would like to support the event but cannot attend. We are also willing to entertain other sponsorship opportunities if someone would like to play a larger role. We need your help spreading the word that this event is in need of support.

Please help us gather the support we need to put on The Boston Knit Out and Crochet 2007. It would be very sad to loose this great knitting and crocheting tradition that brought so many people joy and excitement over their craft.



Thank you for your time,

Guido Stein
Sponsor Liaison

Not a spoiler

So I finished Book 7… It was good…

So turning 30 I am thinking about the last decade. I wonder who I was ten years ago compared to who I am today. What I thought being 20 something would be like. My last ten years have not been as filled with wizards and witches, but there has been a lot of magic and love from friends and family.

The near future holds the birth of my first nephew, the first of the next generation of my family. Then, in about two months I am going to be married and possibly starting a family of my own in the next couple of years. My 30’s are going to be something else… something more… the future…

It’s funny… I cannot remember who I was when I was 20 and I cannot imagine who I will be at 40.I think it comes as no surprise that I live for the moment. It’s all I really have.

Couple of short notes

Art Beat Somerville
reprinted from the Boston SnB List:

Don’t forget to come to ArtBeat (or ArtBeast) on Saturday(7/21) in Davis Square, Somerville. We will have a “Beauty and the Fiber Beast” booth where you can check out some pretty cool fibers, see some folks spinning and knit or crochet a square for charity. Our booth should be in the sculpture park near Store24 and JP Licks. Hope you can visit!

ArtBeast Davis Square, Somerville (Red Line)

Circles Knitting Salon
reprinted from email:

A Progressive Moving Sale

20% off Sat/Sun, July 14th/15th
30% off Thu thru Sun, July 19-22
40% off Thu thru Sun, July 26-29


every product in the store is on sale!
all sales are final. no returns.
cannot apply co-op balances to this sale

Boston Knit Out
We have two sponsors and some special guest lined up (especially for your crocheters)… I know it’s not until September, but we can use everyones help getting this going.

Next Shows

IAPM39 – Belly acheing

  • Guess who is turning 30
  • Updates about the community
  • Updates on the bag
  • Your feedback

IAPM40 – Kafka’s Yarn Shop

  • An extended interview with Alison of Circle Knitting Salon about the beauty and struggle that is opening a yarn store


So I am throwing this up in case I don’t get a chance to record before the weekend. I really wanted to make sure people knew about ArtBeat and Circles. Circles is very near and dear to my heart and i can’t wait to share the interview with Alison, but that show is a lot of editing and I cannot promise it this weekend. So instead I am going to do a show about me and add some of these updates into my next show. So it will be a little self centered next time, but hey… I am turning 30 and I am now set in my ways (yeah right).

Just as a heads up, I plan to travel around a bit in August to interview the sponsors of the Boston Knit Out. I want people to know who is coming and why they should come out. The answer to both of these questions are awesome… If you are a fiber freindly fiend, find out more at the Boston Knit Out site. (also, if you happen to be in charge of the new Crochet Guild in Boston can you drop me a line… thanks)

OK, that’s it… back to work, bridal shower (not that I am involved, but we do have a lot of guest showing up and I have to clean0, condo bbq, Boston Knit Out Sponsor search, wedding stuff… oh yeah… did I mention the Chuppa..


Stay cool and don’t forget to breathe