WWKIP2007-COPLEY recap

WWKIP Boston Crowd

There you have it, knitters in public.

From the left to the right Guido, Emily/Omly(thanks for the pic), Alexis, Susan(loves to fly fish), ?friend or Ariel?,Ariel(rabid sock knitter), Tab, Ariana.

So after hanging around the outdoor spot for half an hour, I moved to the indoor spot where I found Emily and Tab. Soon more knitters showed up, which is pretty sweet, considering I was pretty sure I was going alone. Emily and Ariel are two knitters who I met last year at WWKIP, so it was kind of fun to have them back again.

It was a nice time out… I love hanging out knitting, but you already know that. Sorry Suzanne didn’t find us (we were still there).
If you did a WWKIP, please let me know how it went. :)

I need a week

I am going to start winding down for the summer. I need to take a little time off for some RR and chuppah knitting.
Here is the release schedule for the near future episodes:

Next week: Kristin Nicholas shares her story about getting into the knitting business

Week After: A very special episode, I will go full blown This Life in this episode (imitation is the best complement)

July: Harry Potter is coming, I gather some of the smartest knitting minds to discuss what to expect in the final book

August: I will return to a normal schedule with some summer lovin and a Boston Knit Out preview

So that is the plan… But please keep sending the email and using the voicemail 206-888-4187

WWKIP 2007


Clik on MAP for larger view

WWKIP 2007 Boston – The Plan

So this is the plan (with google map).

If it is nice:

  • Go to Copley Square (area 1 on map) at noon
  • Knit
  • Meet some new people
  • Scare the general public with our knitting powers
  • Perhaps take a peek at the parade (it’s a block away)
  • Go to Newbury Yarns and fondle yarn

if it’s not nice (which is what they are saying):

  • Go to the food court in Copley Square mall (entrance is in area 2 on map) at noon
  • Knit
  • Meet some new people
  • Eat some Japaneses food, use chopsticks for knitting demo
  • Scare the general public with our knitting powers
  • Go to borders books and scoof at there knitting book collection

I will be easily identifiable with my black peeps T-Shirt (you’ll see) and my huge purple/mauve Chuppah knitting project.

Can’t wait to see you there… If enough people show up and there is an interest I am happy to break down around 3:00pm to go on a yarn downtown yarn crawl. There are three shops within fifteen minute walk.

Marathon Monday

I will not run for the fun of it today. But in Boston many others are. Today is Marathon Monday otherwise known as Patriots day. (Patriots day is a convienent excuse to close the schools, I mean.. have ou ever heard of Partiots day anywhere else?)
I have been hiding out for the last couple of weeks.

My punkin has been sick and belagered with many wedding things. I have been using my weekends to spend time with her and go for car trips and stuff… You know.

So I have gotten a little behind in my weekend knitting rituals. I miss my groups and podcast too. Next weekend I go to D.C. for a family gathering.

I promise to get a show out for next weekend. But then I will probably go to a bi-weekly schedule until I can get myself situated again.

I have been feeling guilty about my little absence. I have been enjoying the all the responses to the last couple of episodes and have wanted to talk to you all about them. Perhaps in the near future I will have to start the idea of seasons or getting some guest hosts to do some episodes. I would like to keep the show more weekly, but I am just one… and you are so many knitters.. :)

Ok, must get back to the new job. BTW – I am very happy at my new job.

zzzz…. zzzz…. represent…

Best Knitting Event Ever!


I just got back from a day long knitting extravaganza in NYC. It’s almost one in the morning and I need to crash soon. But I would love to give you the quick run down and give anyone I met a chance to remind me of their name and knit blog… because now it is all a blur, and I don’t want to forget anyone…

So, Kim and I had a bumpy start. We got to Stamford at 10:30pm and didn’t get to bed until midnight. Although I set my alarm for for 4:00am, I did not wake up until 4:50… oops…

So we were off and we caught the express to Grand central and arrivd at rockefeller center at 6:55, a little later than planned, but we were off.

Good news is that we were not the only knitters who showed up to represent at the Today show. We ran into Kathy and Kris (woolybuns) in the line to get into the plaza where the taping took place. Somehow they let me through with the huge map and some tent poles (so much for the metal detecors). We spent the morning at the Today show hanging out with Kathy, Kris, Marni, Dale, and a lady with a knitted Rodney the knitted rat.. it was awesome. People did stream in as the morning drew on (Pam & Debrah). Can’t wait to see what a goof I look like on t.v. when I get to my tivo on Sunday. If anyone has the video, please post a link to it in the comments
After the show (more on what happened at the show later) we were joined by Jennifer at Whole Foods. It was a great hour and a half to talk…. which was followed by a awesome trp to Harlot in th Park, which was then followed by a trip to the museum (adding on more people, someone from VA who bended Narl, some one from the hamptons, someone from Jersey City, and one last person who I did not get to spend enough time with)

Yeah… this is going well… ok fast forward… School Products… Cashmere (cheap and lots of it)… Habu for some…. FIT… Harlot … Chinese Food… Walk to Grand Central… snooze on train… now

More detail to come over the weekend, but if you ran into me somewhere in those elipses feel free to fill in the blanks….

All and all… My faith in Knitters (from everywhere) is at an all time high. I had great conversations and connections all day long. I was overwhelmed by the love shared by everyone and ……………………………………………..





And the winner is…

I would like to thank everyone who submitted a poster design. There were many of you and it was awesome to see the out pour of support for my little Today Show Project.

Our winners, yes it was a team effort, are Tanya (from Italy) for her design and Kristen(from Chicago) for her design help in putting together our Poster for the Today show romp. You can see all the submissions here.

REPRESENT w/ a Purl, Man

TIME: 7:00am
DATE: 03-22-07
PLACE: Rockefeller Center, NYC
We are here, we knit(or spin, or crochet, or just love our fiber), and we will demand respect from Matt Lauer and the TODAY Show

The full invitation is here (INVITE)

My friend Kimberly and I are traveling down to see the Harlot and the beginning of the revolution in New York on the 22nd. We have decided to stage our own demonstration of knitting and the fiber arts and hope to let the world (or at least the viewers of morning news) know that we are a force to be reckoned with. Fear my knitting powers…ah…ha…ha…ha…

Please pass this invitation along in your blogs or podcasts or through email to your friends. The more the merrier. I plan on bringing a big sign and a sock project. Afterwards I plan on going to the museum to see the knitting exhibit.

Later in the day I hope to get some yarn crawling in and eventually I will make it to FIT to join the rest of the throngs.

Let me know if you have any good ideas of places I must check out in NYC knitting related..:)

A lot changes in a year

I was catching up on my favorite video blog, zefrank the show, and suddenly I realized two things…

1) Ze Frank The show is ending soon, March 17, 2007.

I will miss his stories and the opportunity to make an ass of myself (I’m the guy on the right). I even supported his show with some candy here and here. Internet Interactive … He is my model for what blog / podcast / community should be… extremely goofy…
But more than that, I feel like Ze is part of my life. Unlike t.v., the end of the series is leaving a little whole in my life. I feel like not being able to hang out with Ze on his video blog is like loosing a close friend.

I may see him someday on T.V. or in film, or if I am really lucky I will be able to see him at a speaking event. But it won’t be the same. All the inside jokes that have happened on blog will make no sense to others…

Who will think so I won’t have to….

2) My podcast anniversary is coming up

Amazingly, it’s been a year. Now that I am at this end of it, I can no longer remeber what life was like without knitting, podcasting, groups, and well wishers.

Never before have I felt such a strong bond to a community. I have close friends from high school and college who will always be a part of my life. But, the bond that I have with you, my knitting friends, is one of a shared experience that has no geographic, age, or ethnic bounds. By knitting and talking about knitting I feel at home with many people whom I have never met or have only met for the first time.

It is amazing…

While we may not always agree about everything, at least we have something to talk about…

(also… thanks for putting up with all my typos and ‘…’ for a whole year and not saying anything about it. This is the sign of true freindship, accepting others for who they are and all… … …)